The John Hulley Memorial Fund

John Hulley's Ancestors

John Hulley was a fifth generation descendant of Jasper Hulley of Macclesfield, Cheshire, as shown by this family tree:

John Hulley's ancestors

Please use the following links for more information about John Hulley's ancestors:

  • The family tree of Jasper Hulley
  • John Hulley - a fifth generation descendant of Jasper Hulley
  • John Hulley's Notes - full details of his life and times, as well as all newspaper extracts that mention him

See for details of Hulley family history worldwide.

Please contact us if you know or require more information about John Hulley. In particular, information is sought concerning the current location of the John Hulley carved bust last known at the Liverpool Sports and Pastimes Exhibition at the Gymnasium Myrtle Street in 1885.