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Ches03 - Descendants of Jasper Howley born 1667

This family tree starts with the baptism of Jasper Howley in 1667, the son of Jasper Hooley de Hurdsfield who was a a descendant of the One House family of Rainow, because several males were given Jasper as a first name. This was derived from the marriage of John Hulley of the One House (born 1590) to Katherine, daughter of Jasper Willott of Titherington. Their first son (born 1622) was named John, after his great grandfather and father; and their second son (born 1625) was called Jasper, after his maternal grandfather. The last-named person was the father of Jasper Howley the lead person in this tree.

This family tree contains the details, as far as I have researched them, of the following two individuals that make fascinating reading:

Robert Churchman Hulley born at Frodsham in 1809 the son of Thomas Boydell Hulley and Elizabeth Nevitt Hulley nee Bennett. Robert came from a medical family with his great grandfather a Surgeon Apothecary and Man-Midwife; his grandfather a Surgeon; and his father another Surgeon. Even his uncle was a Chemist and Druggist. Robert attempted to aspire to the same professional heights as his relatives and claimed that he had been trained in medicine at Glasgow University, later changed to Edinburgh. However he failed his Interview at the Apothecaries' Hall for a Certificate of Qualification. In spite of this setback, he continued to call himself a Physician and evidently ignored repeated attempts by the Medical Directory to reveal his qualifications. Further details of his life and adventures are shown in his Notes.

John Hulley was born 1832 at Liverpool and was a nephew of RC Hulley and a much more likeable and successful person than his uncle. John was very keen on all things to do with physical education and organised the Liverpool Olympic Festivals of 1862, 1863, 1864 and 1865. He opened the Liverpool Gymnasium in Myrtle Street in 1865, and was one of the 'Three Wise Men' of the foundling Olympic Movement, the other two being Dr. William Penny Brookes of the Wenlock Olympian Society and Mr. E.G. Ravenstein, president of the German Gymnastic Society, London. On 7 November 1865 the inaugural meeting of the National Olympian Association was held at the Liverpool Gymnasium, Myrtle Street under John Hulley's chairmanship. Initial members included Messrs Brookes and Ravenstein and this organisation was the forerunner of the International Olympic Committee and was established over 35 years before the first of the 'modern Olympics' in 1901. Further details of his short life in Liverpool are shown in his Notes.


February 2020

More details concerning Florence Emily Hulley born 1880 has been found by John. As far as I am aware, she is the first member of the Hulley/Hooley family to emigrate to New Zealand. My thanks go to John for this information.

October 2018

The following members of this FT are listed on the Cheshire Marriage Licence Bonds and Allegations 1606-1905

Jasper Howley born 1667
Elizabetha Hulley born 1695
Rebeccah Hooley born 1700
John Hooley born 1705
Hannah Hulley born 1736
Thomas Hulley born 1740
James Hulley born 1750
Hannah Hooley born 1755
Deborah Hooley born 1781
John Hooley born 1826
Esther Hulley born 1828
Mary Hooley born 1834
Fanny Sarah Hulley born 1851
Thomas Cooper Hooley born 1852
Martha Hooley born 1854
Elizabeth Hooley born 1856
Alice Hooley born 1858
Eliza Hooley born 1861
James Henry Hooley born 1867
Thomas Boydell Hulley born 1880

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