Macclesfield Forest
1611 Survey of Macclesfield Manor and Forest

(The National Archives reference LR 2/200)


Township and House Name Index

The Survey covers the following townships:

Adlington, Bollington, Bosden, Bosley, Butley, Disley, Disley Stanley, Downes in Sutton, Foxwist & Botley, Gawsworthe, Hurdesfield, Kettlesholme, Lyme, Lyme Hanley, Marple, Norbury, North Rode, Offerton, Pott Shrigley, Poynton, Ranowe, Saltersford, Sutton, Taxall, Torkinton, Tytherington, Upton, Wayley, Wild Bore Clough, Wincle, Yeardsley.

The following house names are shown in the Survey. To order copies of images containing house names, please enter the reference shown in the table below in the images section of the Order Form.

Ref. House Name Location
H01 Andrew's Eyes Tyderington
H02 Bancke End, The Disley
H03 Bath Hall, The Tyderington
H04 Birchincliffe Pott Shrigley
H05 Broste House, The Ranowe
H06 Browne Ryding, The Bollington
H07 Browneslowe Sutton
H08 Bullhill, The Ranowe
H09 Butterland Wincle
H10 Canovalls Bollington
H11 Carr, The Disley
H12 Christians House Ranowe
H13 Churleshead Ranowe
H14 Cockshutt Hey Bollington
H15 Cophurst Sutton
H16 Cowp House Taxall
H17 Crowholt, The Sutton
H18 Deane Eyes Sutton
H19 Deanes House Ranowe
H20 Downe House, The Pott Shrigley
H21 Dumboe Sutton
H22 Dunge, The Kettlesholme
H23 Evesley Wincle
H24 Fearnelie, The Sutton
H25 Fernlegh Sutton
H26 Fowden Sutton
H27 Foxleigh Sutton
H28 Foxwist Hall Foxwist & Butley
H29 Greenshall Disley
H30 Hamalton or Hamldon Sutton & Wincle
H31 Harrop Ranowe
H32 Hasten Shawe Sutton
H33 Higher Drovehey, The Sutton
H34 Highley field Sutton
H35 Hollin Hall Bollington
H36 Hollyns, The Sutton
H37 Hooley Hey Ranowe
H38 Horderne Ranowe
H39 Hurste, The  Bollington
H40 Jacksons Tenement Disley
H41 Knowles House, The Sutton
H42 Lamyload Ranowe
H43 Lane House, The Wincle
H44 Langley Hall Sutton
H45 Legh, The Sutton
H46 Lower House, The Pott Shrigley
H47 Lyndwall Ranowe
H48 Macclesfield Mills Sutton
H49 Midgley Sutton & Wincle
H50 Midlewood Marpull
H51 Milkenstead, The Sutton
H52 Mossefield Hurdesfield
H53 Narbrod Hey, The Disley
H54 Nipe, The Taxall
H55 One House, The Ranowe
H56 Pichowe, The Disley
H57 Pondry Mosse Upton
H58 Rancett, The Sutton
H59 Ridge, The Sutton
H60 Roe House, The Sutton
H61 Rondward Hurst Disley
H62 Shrigley Hall Pott Shrigley
H63 Sitch House Bollington
H64 Sowcarr, The Ranowe
H65 Stanley Hall Disley
H66 Stepall Sutton
H67 Sutton Hall Sutton
H68 Swanescough Parke Hurdesfield
H69 Thorneshead Ranowe
H70 Towerhill, The Ranowe
H71 Unwins House Pott Shrigley
H72 Walker, The Kettlesholme
H73 Whiteley Hey Adlington
H74 Whyteleigh Sutton & Wincle
H75 Wilsons Tenement Upton
H76 Winckle Grange Sutton & Wincle
H77 Yeardsley Yeardsley


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