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Derbys01 - Descendants of George Hulley bap 27 Jan 1640

This tree commences in 1640 with the baptism of George son of Thomae Hullie on 27 June 1640 at St Giles church Great Longstone. The earlier members of this family came from Rowland, Monsaldale, Great and Little Longstone. Some of their descendants settled in Lancashire, particularly Manchester, Liverpool and Bolton but others moved to Adel, north of Leeds then to Kirkham Lancashire; Dudley, Staffordshire then to Glasgow and Sunderland. No member of this family emigrated to the colonies, as far as is known.


October 2018

The Marriage Licence of the following members of this FT have been added to their Notes:

James Hulley born 1803 married Sarah Lumley at Manchester cathedral in 1828;

James Harrison Hulley born 1833 married Ann Jones in Liverpool in 1856

January 2017

More marriage details have been added to the Notes of the following persons shown on this FT:

Mary Hulley to Thomas Worthington in 1845; Elizabeth Hulley to Isaac Bark in 1851; Rose Hulley to James Hancock in 1896.

October 2016

Full details of the marriages of the following persons shown on this FT have been added to their Notes.

Jane Hulley to Thomas Watson in 1839; Agnes Hulley to John Wilson England in 1844; James Harrison Hulley to Ann Jones in 1856; Jonathan Hulley to Margeret Proctor in 1857; Marian Hulley to Charles Mutlow in 1883

February 2016

The following member of this FT is listed in the Freemason Membership Registers: Richard Dodson Hulley b.1862.

Details of each entry are shown in his Notes.

January 2016

The following entries have been found in Yorkshire BMDs from Find My Past;

Marriage Allegations - 1870 - Martha Froggat Hulley and John Morten; 1875 - Mary Hulley and Henry Brearley;
1877 - William Hulley and Martha Froggat.
Marriages - Mary Ann, daughter of Hannah Hulley and Edward Hibbert to Thomas Foster;

See the Notes of each person for more details.

December 2015

The following members of this FT are listed in the Absent Voters' Lists: George Hulley born 1885; William Edgar Hulley born 1886; and Francis Hulley born 1887. Details are shown in their Notes.

October 2015

The following persons shown on this FT have at least one entry from the Find My Past newspaper collection 1725-1901. Details are shown in their Notes: James Hulley c.1814; William Hulley c.1828; George Hulley c.1836; Ann Elizabeth Hulley b.1858; William Hulley c1778; Jonathan Hulley c.1804; Sarah Skidmore b.1827; William Hulley c.1824; Herbert Henry Hulley b.1851; Richard Dodson Hulley b.1862; Annie Herbert b.1863; Henry Hulley c.1831; George Hulley c.1834; Herbert Esop Hulley c.1838; Mary Garlick b.1827.

August 2014

This Family Tree has been severely corrupted by an unknown person, which has meant that I have had to delete over 200 unconnected entries. The FT is now back to its former state.

I would like to welcome Bart Hulley, who now lives in France. Bart has provided additional information about his ancestors and descendants, which I have addded to the FT.

February 2014

Several entries covering births, marriages and deaths have been added to this Family Tree from the Lancashire On-line Parish Clerks website. Full details are shown in the Notes of each person.

January 2014

A source of recently published information has been searched for members of this family. The Manchester Poor Rate Books (PRB) 1706-1900 are now on Find my Past and 7 persons from this FT are shown on the list. The PRB contain lists of every house owner and tenant and the charges made by the Overseers of the Poor in respect of the property, (similar to the modern General Rate) payable towards the upkeep of the distruct workhouses and to supplement the income of the poorest families. The following members of this FT are shown on the PRB:

Francis Hulley c1812; Mary Ann Hulley nee Dodson b1826; John Hulley c1831; Herbert Henry Hulley b1851; Alice Hulley nee Piercy b1851; John Arthur Hulley b1859; and Richard Dodson Hulley b1862.

This shows the attraction of Manchester to the Hulleys of Derbyshire in the 19th century, many of whom obviously moved to the city seeking work and a better life for their children. There are 575 Hulley entries in the PRB, 97 of which are for members of this Family Tree.

January 2013

A check of the recently published additions on the Ancestry website for the West Riding of Yorkshire Births, Marriages and Deaths 1512-1935 has revealed 10 events linked to this Family Tree. They include two baptisms - Ann Hulley 1822, William Hulley 1828, both children of George and Mary Hulley of Adel Rectory; two marriages post 1837 - Agnes Hulley to John Wilson England 1844; and Mary Hulley to Samuel Iveson1856; and four burials - George Hulley 26 at Adel in 1862; Frederick George Hulley 6mos at Chesterfield in 1862; Mary Hulley nee Harrison 72 at Adel in 1866; and her husband George 78 in the same year. Full details are shown in the Notes of each person.

March 2011

I am most grateful to Stewart Hulley of Gateshead in County Durham who has supplied information concerning the descendants of Robert Stuart Hulley b1910. This increases the total number of persons shown on this tree by 44 to 631.

July 2010

Welcome to Irene White, who is a descendant of James Harrison Hulley the 19th century Liverpool docks pilot, and Andrew Boyce, whose wife is a descendant of Herbert (A)esop Hulley. He was active in the Chesterfield area between 1838 and 1918.

A search of online newspapers has revealed some interesting news items covering various members of this FT. The main ones are: William Hulley b.1778; Peter Hulley b.1788; William Hulley b.1798; Jonathan Hulley b.1804; James Hulley b.1814; William Hulley b.1824; James Harrison Hulley b.1833; Herbert Esop Hulley b. 1838; and William Hulley b.1850. Full details are shown in their Notes.

March 2010

A further 25 persons have been added to this tree, mainly spouses in the 19th century taken from marriages entries in FreeBMD, but also several who were born between 1901 and 1930, all from the same source.

October 2009

The Will of Mary Hulley nee Hodgkinson (1749-1833) has been added to her Notes and to those of her son Jonathan (1776-1854), he being the sole beneficiary and executor.

September 2009

Caroline Gill has supplied details of the descendants of Mary Hulley nee Hodgkinson born 1868 at West Derby, Liverpool including her grandmother Eliza May Hulley.

August 2009

Colin Turner has supplied details of the descendants of his Hulley relation, Mary Hulley nee Hodgkinson who was born at Dudley in 1852. George moved to Durham and started a large family the descendants of which are still there today. This increases the total number of persons in the FT to 571.

July 2009

A search of the graveyard at St Giles church Great Longstone has revealed 17 Hulley burials in 5 graves. The most interesting is for Jonathan Hulley who died in 1835 aged 84, being born in c1751. This is in the middle of a period when the registers of St Giles are missing and it is impossible to confirm his parents. A check of Bishops Transcripts - held at Lichfield Record Office - will be made to see if the missing period is covered. His wife Agnes (nee Anthony died 1836 aged 77), daughters Sarah (died 1874 aged 87) and Elizabeth (died 1879 aged 78) are also buried with Jonathan.

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