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Family Trees - Cheshire

  Reference Description
Front cover - The History and Hulley Families of the One House Ches01

Descendants of John Hulley who was living at the One House in Rainow in 1488.

The family tree containing 107 persons is also available in my book The History and Hulley Families of The One House. This 86 page book describes the story of an ancient Cheshire country house from 1166 up to its demolition in 1939, a period of over 770 years. It includes over 50 illustrations and line drawings, many in colour, together with full details of the Hulley family who owned the house from 1488 to 1912.

PAF Ches02 Descendants of William Hooley who was born (at Tidderington?) in 1696
PAF Ches03 Descendants of Jasper Howley who was born at Hurdesfield in 1667
PAF Ches04 Descendants of James Hulley born 1679 at the One House, Rainow
PAF Ches05 Descendants of Thomas Hooley living at Macclesfield from c1699 onwards
PAF Ches06

This family tree has been combined with Ches03 above. The lead person of this FT - Jaspar Hooley born 1697 is the same person that is shown in Ches03.

PAF Ches07 Descendants of James Holley/Hooley who was baptised at St Michael's church Macclesfield in 1710
PAF Ches08 Descendants of Henry Howley of the One House, Rainow who married Elizabeth Burges in 1609
PAF Ches09 Descendants of Johis Hooley of the One House, Rainow 1638-1692
PAF Ches10 Descendants of Thomas Hooley, son of John Hooley of the One House born in 1642
PAF Ches11 Descendants of Robert Hulley who was baptised at St Michael's church Ashton under Lyne on 29 July 1706
PAF Ches12 Descendants of James Hooley who died in Stockport in 1731
PAF Ches13 Descendants of James Hooley of Stockport and Betty his wife who had 4 children in 1803, 1805, 1808 and 1811
PAF Ches14 Descendants of James Hooley born at Macclesfield on 26 Sep 1753 (continued from Ches02 above)
PAF Ches15 Descendants of James Hooley who was father of James Hooley born 1828 in Macclesfield.
PAF Ches16 Decendants of James Hooley who was born at Adlington c1781


The Hulley surname in this county has passed through many variations throughout the ages. From my research into the family ancestry using the thousands of Court Rolls at The National Archives (TNA) in London it is apparent that the name started out as de Holeye/de Holey in the earliest documents searched - the Macclesfield Eyre Rolls of 1281 - and then modified into de Hulley by 1369. This is demonstrated by the following sequence of name spellings:

1288 William de Holey
1302 John de Holeye de Somerford
1322 John de Holeye de Somerford Booth
1328 John de Holeye (deceased)
1350 Robus de Holey
1351 Rob de Holy
1358 Ad de Holey
1359 Adam de Hull
1359 Adam de Hollay
1362 Adam de Hollay
1369 Adam de Hulley

The 'de' prefix of 'de Hulley' was dropped around 1440 and the name replaced for a short time with 'Dully'.

Variants of HULLEY

a. Heghlegh, Helegh and Heyley
Throughout this period Heghlegh/Helegh/Holegh and Heyley was in widespread use in Cheshire and there are hundreds of entries in the Court Rolls. Other forms consisted of de Hewelegh, de Heghlogh, and de Heuylegh. I have confirmed through my researches that Hulley is not derived from this root. Helegh was an important land-owning family in the Macclesfield area and the Court Rolls have many references to them. Some of these entries are because of the family's connection with the judicial system, i.e. as attorneys, barristers and jurymen. In later years the surname changed to Heeley/Healey, which continues in use today.

b. Holes
This surname was concentrated in the south west part of the county and was most probably derived from a location. The town of Hoole is the modern-day survivor of the place from where the surname comes. The first example of this name was in the Eyre Rolls of 1302 (Richard de Hole/Hulle of Dunham) and then later as Philip, Hugh, Roger and John de Hole, all of Hole. The name disappeared from the rolls in the 1320s and reappeared on the odd occasion from 1362 onwards, e.g. Hugo de Holes 1362, John de Hole 1370, Rogis de Holes of de Holes 1400.

c. Hooley
The first appearance of this name occurred in 1558 when 'Laurent Hooley de Dyngemosse' (later known as Danesmoss) was named as an executor of the will of John Bancroft. He was shown previously as Hulley and Holey. This surname was adopted by John of the One House (born circa 1530) and also by subsequent generations of this family until the name reverted back to Hulley with Jonathan born 1733, whose ancestors have carried it forward since then.

Hooley still occurs in Cheshire, Derbyshire and Lancashire to this day and most of the families are derived from the Hulley root of the 16th century.

d. Howley
Similar to Hooley, this variant has come and gone throughout the Hulley ancestry. It first appeared as a variant in 1573 when Elizabeth Howley claimed a debt off Thomas Hyde. Henry Hulley of the One House used the surname when he moved to Macclesfield Park and started the Howley family of that location in 1608.

e. Hanley
This was first noted in the Court Rolls in 1351 when it was initially interpreted as Hauley, and was assumed to be a possible early variant of Hulley. Subsequent analysis of Court Rolls and the project undertaken by Dr. A.M. Tonkinson MA PhD in 1990 covering the Halmote and Portmote Court Rolls of Macclesfield from 1349 to 1396 has disproved this theory and the name is definitely Hanley. This is also a present-day Cheshire location, with Lyme Hanley being the most significant.

Family Trees

The following family trees have been developed from a wide variety of sources:

1. The Hulley family of the One House, Rainow
2. The Hulley family of Macclesfield Town
3. The Hulley family of Macclesfield Park
4. The Hulley family of Macclesfield Forest
5. The Hulley family of Great Warford and Alderley

All the above groupings are contained in my publication The History and Hulley Families of The One House, Rainow near Macclesfield, Cheshire. This is a 62-page A5 booklet with seven parts giving details of its history from 1166 to its demolition in 1939 - a span of over 770 years. The booklet also contains 9 appendices with all the above family trees; transcriptions of ancient documents concerning the family; and 11 illustrations showing some views of the house before its demise. The Longview Publishing section of this web site has more details, including a list of contents, reviews by family history journals and an order form.

March 2010 Update - this book is now out of print so is currently unavailable. It is hoped to produce a new version with much more information in it. Watch out for announcements on this page.


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