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Monumental Inscriptions in Cheshire

Sources in brackets

Alderley St. Marys' Church (4)

No entries for HULLEY/HOOLEY etc

Bollington St John the Baptist Church (1)

Ref 245 - stone type - upright. In remembrance of GEORGE HOOLEY of Bollington who departed this life July 1st 1872 aged 64 years also MARY wife of the above who departed this life May 31st 1868 aged 61 years also ISSAC son of the above died 24th July 1887 and HARRIET wife of the above died ....... 1886 aged 62 years also MARY HANNAH

Congleton St Peter's Church (1)

Ref 190u. Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM HOOLEY son of THOMAS & AGNES HOOLEY of Knutsford died July 5th 1846 in 19th year of his age.

Gawsworth St James's Church (1)

Ref 480. ((2nd row from West wall - 6th grave from old Yew tree) EMMA, WILLIAM, MARGARET HOOLEY.

Holmes Chapel St Lukes Church (1)

Ref 70. Sacred to the memory of ANN Daughter of THOMAS and AGNES HOOLEY of Knutsford who departed this life Nov 12th 1817 aged 18 months. Also JANE daughter of the above THOMAS and AGNES HOOLEY died March 20th 1823 in the 12th year of her age.

Ref 71. Sacred to the memory of AGNES wife of THOMAS HOOLEY died August 1st 1854 aged 42 years. Also the above THOMAS HOOLEY who died Febry 4th 1879 aged 88 years. Also LOUISA wife of the above who died March 25th 1879 aged 65 years.

Lower Peover St Oswalds Church (1)

Ref 264. Here lieth the body of MARY relict of the late JOHN HOOLEY of Allostock and daughter of Jonathan and Ann Dudlow of Great Peover who died August 18th 1792 aged 81 years also the body of GEORGE son of THOMAS & HANNAH HOOLEY of Allostock died 13 December 1815 aged 9 years.

Ref 628. Here lieth the body of ELLEN wife of JOHN HOOLEY of Great Peover who departed this life March 21st 1822 aged 79 years also the body of the above mentioned JOHN HOOLEY who departed this life April 7th 1827 aged 87 years.

Macclesfield Brunswick Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (1)

Ref M11 (flat) LHS of main path to chapel. Sacred to the memory of BETTY the wife of JAMES HOOLEY who died June

2nd 1848 aged 73 years.

Macclesfield Christ Church (3)

Ref 55. ANNE GOODWIN daughter of JASPER and ELLEN HULLEY of One House died 21st Jan 1823 aged 2 days. Also HARRIET daughter of JASPER and ELLEN HULLEY died 8th Sept 1831 aged 4 days. Also ELLEN Wife of JASPER HULLEY died on 28th Dec 1831 in the 30th year of her age. Also GORTON son of JASPER and MARIA HULLEY died 10th May 1836 in his 9th month. Also ELLEN ELIZABETH third daughter of JASPER and ELLEN HULLEY, died 27th Jan 1837 in her 9th year. SARAH wife of JASPER HULLEY of the One House died 22nd Feb 1790 aged 24 years and 10 months. Also JASPER son of JASPER and SARAH HULLEY died on 2nd April 1793 in the 7th year of his age. Also JONATHAN son of JASPER and SARAH HULLEY died on 21 Dec 1794 in the 10th year of his age. Also JASPER HULLEY Esq. above named Alderman of this Borough and Captain Commandant of the Old Macclesfield Volunteer Infantry died on the 6th April 1806 aged 50 years and 6 months. Also MARY second wife of JASPER HULLEY died on 11th Nov 1848 aged (?45) 75 years 5 months. Also JASPER son of JASPER and MARY HULLEY died suddenly at the One House on 11th Aug 1867 in his 73rd year. Also MARIA widow of JASPER HULLEY died at One House Jan 10th 1880.

Ref 57. WILLIAM HOOLEY of Hurdsfield died 4th June 1777 aged 81.Also HANNAH his wife died April 14th 1781 aged 78 years. Also EDWARD their son died Feb 11th 1790 aged 60 years. Also Christopher Forrest grandson-in-law. WILLIAM HOOLEY died 10th March 1819 (?) aged 52 years. Also seven of his children who died young. Also Mary wife of Christopher Forrest died Aug 21 1834 aged 62 years. Also Martha Forrest their dau. died July 11th 1826 aged 18 years. Also Sarah Clark dau. of the above died May 14th 1853 aged 57 years.

Ref 58. ALEXANDER son of JASPER and MARTHA HOOLEY of Hurdsfield died Dec 19th 1778. Likewise Olive their dau. Dec 25th aged 5 years.

Ref 59. (JOHN) HULLEY Alderman of Macclesfield died Dec 29th 1777 aged 77 years. Also REBECCA HULLEY dau. of JOHN HULLEY died 24th Oct 1817 aged 70 years (?).

Ref 77. JOSIAH HULLEY of Macc. died March 10th 1851 aged 60 years. The remains of (MARY) wife of JASPER HULLEY of Hurdsfield died 23rd .... 1853 aged 61. JASPER HULLEY son of JOSIAH and RUTH HULLEY of Macc. died Feb 21st 1846 aged 21 years. Also RUTH HULLEY (above) died June 5th 1827 aged 34 years. Also AMY second wife of JOSIAH HULLEY died Oct 19th 1849 in her 56th year. Also MARTHA wife of DAVID PARKINSON Manufacturer died Nov 5th 1851 aged 30 years.

Ref 331. MARY the wife of JONATHAN HOOLEY of Macc. died Dec 26th 1899 aged 40 years. Also JONATHAN HOOLEY died Sept 29th 1834 aged 60 years. Also George Wardle son-in-law to JONATHAN HOOLEY died Aug 29th 1844 aged 34 years.

Ref 501. THOMAS HULLEY died Oct 15th 1844 aged 60 years. Also ELIZABETH wife died July 20th 1849 aged 55 years. Also JASPER son of the above died August 22nd 1874 aged 50 years.

Macclesfield Park Street Methodist Chapel (1) (Now reinterred in Macclesfield Cemetery)

Sacred to the memory of MARGARET HOOLEY of Langley who died December 4th (?) 1852 aged 40 years also JAMES HOOLEY son of JOSEPH and ELLEN HOOLEY who departed this life December 1st 1852 aged 10 years also MARGARET ELLEN daughter of the above who died May 29th 1866 aged 11 years.

Macclesfield St Michael's Parish Church (1)

Ref 567. Comments- -. Stone type- Fragment. Stone no.- 567. This stone belongs to JASPER HULLEY of Derby Street Macclesfield. Dec 19th 1846.

Ref. 65. Here lieth the body of, wife of GEO.. H...LEY Interred 1817 aged 1(8?) years

Over Peover Churchyard (1)

Ref 452. Large tomb with kerb. In loving memory of MARY ANN beloved wife of JOHN HOOLEY of Higher Peover who died July 25th 1896 aged 71. Also JOHN HOOLEY the above named who died January 25th 1897 aged 75 years.

Pott Shrigley St Christopher's Church (4)

Incumbents of Church (incl.) 1749 WILLIAM HOOLEY (for 1 year only)

Ref. V (Lych Gate) Served in 1914-1918 War (incl.) H HOOLEY

Prestbury Parish Church (1)

Ref 97. (Index gives this ref for James Hulley; should be 971. See information obtained from Owen MSS at Stockport Library).

Ref 208.(in Barton grave).....also the body of MARY HULLY daughter of George Barton died 30 May 1716.

Ref 233. MARY wife of JASPER HOOLEY of Macclesfield Forest died February 6 1799 aged 76. Also JASPER HOOLEY their son departed December 3 1826 aged 78 years. Also JASPER son of FRANCIS & NANCY HOOLEY late of Macclesfield Forest died July 14 1829 aged 19 years. Also NANCY wife of the above FRANCIS HOOLEY died 19th April 1844 aged 60 years. Also GEORGE their son died June 18 1847 aged 40 years. Also the above FRANCIS HOOLEY died October 31 1852 aged 88 years.

Ref 345. Here lieth ALICE daughter of JONATHAN and SARAH HOOLEY of Bollington. Departed September 4 1809. Aged 21 years. Likewise SARAH their daughter. Departed October 3 1817. Aged 31 years. Also, the above JONATHAN HOOLEY died August 20 1821. Aged 66 years. Here lieth SARAH his wife departed August 31st 1826 in her 64th year. Also ELIZABETH their daughter died January 27 1837. Aged 39 years.

Ref 351. Sacred to the memory of JASPER HULLEY of Macclesfield departed 19 April in the year of Our Lord 1832 Aged 70 years. Also HANNAH wife of the above departed 18 November 1830. Aged 78 years.

Ref 419. Here lieth interred MILES HOOLEY late of Warrington Lancashire who died 1st July 1774. Aged 55 years. Also SARAH wife of the said MILES HOOLEY. Departed December 31st 1801. Aged 77 years.

Ref 616. JONATHAN HULLEY son of JONATHAN HULLEY of the One House in Rainow Gent. buried May the 6 1745 aged 32 years. Also the Body of MARY wife of the above JONATHAN HULLEY departed second day of January 1759 in her 53 year.

Ref 1080. (grave of Henry Priestnall of Adlington, Yeoman dep. Jun 3 1818 aged 66) Also ANN wife of JOHN HOOLEY and daughter of the above (Henry Priestnall) departed February 4 1812. Aged 24 years. (North side) Elizabeth Shelmerdine departed January 25 1834. Aged 24 years daughter of the above JOHN & ANN HOOLEY. (South side) Also JANE daughter of JOHN and MARY HOOLEY of Heaviley departed January 28 1857. Aged 35 years. Also MARY widow of the above JOHN HOOLEY departed April 29 1800. Aged 72 years.

Ref 1081. Here lieth THOMAS HOOLEY of Adlington departed August 12 1784. Aged 75 years. Also THOMAS grandson of the above THOMAS HOOLEY departed March 7 1804. Aged 19 years. Also THOMAS HOOLEY of Adlington, yeoman, died March 19 1820. Aged 74 years. Also ANN wife of the above THOMAS HOOLEY departed December 22 1821. Aged 77 years. Here lieth SARAH wife of SAMUEL Hunt and daughter of the above THOMAS HOOLEY died March 7 1825. Aged 37.

Prestbury Church (2) (see above - plus the following)

Volume 30 Ref.971. Here lieth Mary Wife of Cuthbert Ridley of Macclesfield was interred March 1st 1776 Aged 65. Also Mary the Dau of JAMES & BETTY HULLEY interred May 6 1777 in her 1st year. Also the above Cuthbert interred Dec 5 1778 Aged 67 years. Also BETTY wife of the above JAMES HULLEY dep Aug 28 Aged 48 years.

Rainow Church of England (1) - The Pleasance Graveyard Chapel Lane

Ref 2. JASPER HULLEY died 1st Febry 1772 aged 75 years. MARY HULLEY died 14th July 1786 aged 68 years.

Stockport Cemetery (2)

Volume 37 Grave 375. In Memory of WILLIAM HOOLEY who died Nov 28 1857 Aged 45 years.

Grave 440. In Memory of SARAH HOOLEY who died April 3 1861 Aged 74 years.

Grave 606. In Memory of ELLEN Wife of JAMES HULLEY who died Jan 2 1871 Aged 31 years.

Grave 670. In Memory of GRACE Wife of JONATHAN HOOLEY died Sep 3 1871 Aged 31 years. Also MARY ANN their Dau died March 2, 1870 Aged 2 years. Also THOMAS their Son died Oct 16 1871 Aged 2 Years. Also JAMES HOOLEY died Sep 11 Aged 63 years.

Grave 893. ELLEN HOOLEY died Jun 5 1867 Aged 28 years.

Grave 1032. ELIZABETH Dau of THOS & HANNAH HOOLEY died Mar 13 1881, Aged 3 yrs 6 mo.

Grave 1091 (Low ridged Tomb of Aberdeen Granite upper portion polished)

In Memory of
Born Jany 19 1827
died November 24 1885

Volume 38 Grave 12. In Aff. GEO HOOLEY d. 25 M/87. (?1887)

Stockport St Peter's Church (1)

Ref 160. Here lieth the body of ROBERT HULLEY who departed April 1st 1801 aged 65 years.

Ref 174. Here resteth the body of WILLIAM son of ROBERT & MARY HULEY died Oct 20 1795 aged 9 years.

Wilmslow St John the Evangelist, Lindow (4)

Ref. A11 (page 21) In Loving memory of JASPER HULLEY who died July 19 1885 aged 42 years "God took me in the glory of my prime Because it was his own appointed time Farewell my daer wife and children adieu May Christ prepape a happy place for you" Also AMANDA wife of the above who died June 9 1914 aged 76 years And FLORENCE EMILY third daughter of the above who died at Masterton New Zealand November 25 1936 "At Rest" And SARAH ANN HULLEY who died January 6 1955 aged 77 years.


1 Information obtained from North Cheshire Family History Library
(At Mrs M Schultz's house at Bramhall) 9 August 1988

2 Information obtained from Owen MSS at Stockport Library 30 June 1990

3 Information obtained by A. Hulley, Lowton St. Mary's (from Chester Record Office?) 5 May 1991

4 North Cheshire Family History Society - Monumental Inscriptions on Microfiche


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