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1st World War Medal Holders (General)


Name Corps Rank No.
Hulley Albert Lpool R Pte 74444
  Lab. C   50035
Hulley Albert Manch Rgt Cpl 41448
Hulley Albert Edward R Lanc R Pte 14060
  Durham LI 2 Lieut (Comm 25.9.17)  
Hulley AHB Natal L Horse Lt  
  Theatre of War - SW Africa & France
Hulley Alfred W RFA   711922
  France 30.12.15 Deceased 10.4.18
Hulley Ambrose 3 Co. Lond Yeo Pte 639
Hulley Arthur Lab C Pte 204559
Hulley Arthur Lab Corps Pte 330164
  App made by Sec: Dis: Sailors & Soldiers Assoc on behalf of ...
551 Foxdenton Lane Chadderton Oldham Lancs
Hulley Arthur RAMC Pte 101784
Hulley Arthur CASC Pte 335387
Hulley Benjamin York Hrs Cpl 330536
    Lab 425160
Hulley Bernard R. Suss. R Pte 9/22945
Hulley Cecil M 2 Rhod Regt Pte 1213
  Rhod Nat Regt Sgt MR-28
Hulley Charles E Staff Yeo C of Hrs Pte 33845
Hulley Charles E KR Rif C died Pte C867
Hulley Clement R 2 Rhod Regt Pte 154
Hulley Cornelius G Gds Pte 21052
Hulley Cyril Tank C Pte 315221
Hulley Donald Macgregor 4 K Afr Rif Lieut  
Hulley E M.M.P L/C P2461
Hulley Edgar Norf R Pte 24047
Hulley Edward MGC Pte 10779
  E Lanc   22134
Hulley Ernest Notts Derby R Pte 204819
Hulley Ernest 9/Manch R Pte 2149
  Disc 25/5/16
Hulley Francis Y & LR Cpl 202655
Hulley Francis RAMC Pte 26520
Hulley Francis Edward Rhod Native 2nd Lieut  
Hulley Francis H MGC Pte 116082
Hulley Frank RE Spr 229477
  Cheshire R   4582
  RE WR. 263572
Hulley Frank Ches R Pte 3184
    do 290948
Hulley Frank RW Fus   21774
  Bord R Pte 35164
Hulley Frank York & Lanc R Pte 12/1370
  Assd. dead 1/7/16
Hulley Fred Manch R Pte 57821
  Bord R   31252
Hulley Frederick Y & L R Cpl 32074
  Lab. C   566219
Hulley Frederick Durh LI Pte 7/2305
Hulley Frederick E KR Rif C Pte/Cpl R3180
Hulley G 1/10thManch R Pte 3164
  RDC Pte 86812
  Manch R   351367
  Disch. para 392(xvi) 25.1.19
Hulley George G Gds Pte 8698
Hulley George Lpool R Pte 19671
Hulley George E York R Pte 34950
Hulley George Notts, Derby R Pte 14512
Hulley George Manch R Pte 2536
  RE   151644
Hulley George Durh LI Pte 9621
  Lab Corps   700582
Hulley George DLI Pte 64241
Hulley George AW York LG Pte 36240
  Presumed dead 11.10.17
Hulley Geo. W Lan Fus Pte 8981
Hulley Gordon 12/York & Lanc Depot Pt 12/693
Hulley Harold E York R Pte 56623
Hulley Harold Ches R Pte 290890
  Lab Corps   651307
Hulley Harold Manch R Pte 2123
  LN Lan R   202727
  Lpool R   100954
Hulley Hedley Ches R Pte 3248
  do   290983
Hulley Henry R Mun Fus Pte 6828
  Deserted 20.11.16 No Medals  
Hulley Herbert Ches R Pte 2019
  do   290347
Hulley Isaiah ASC Dvr 2906
Hulley James RGA Gnr 165605
Hulley James RE Spr Wr 200315
  do   168649
Hulley James RE Spr 244437
Hulley James H York R Pte 25884
Hulley James York L T/Cpl 16179
Hulley John E York R Pte 17039
  RE   A/274428
  DLI   20462
Hulley John S Wales Borders Pte 11365
Hulley John MGC Pte 54614
Hulley John 15/Lond R Pte 7280
  do   538895
  RE   510709
Hulley John C Kaffrarcan Rif Pte C/523
Hulley John K RE Dvr 49911
Hulley John R Y & L R Pte 235202
Hulley John RGA Cpl 193240
Hulley John Wm ASC (TF) Pte  
    2nd Lieut  
  RASC Lieut  
Hulley Joseph Leic R Pte 41809
Hulley Joseph Ches R Pte 3944
  do   291316
Hulley Joseph Manch R Pte 202258
  Lab Corps   651357
Hulley Joseph Y & L R Pte 201472
Hulley Joseph St John Am B Orderly  
  Died 20.4.17
Hulley Joseph A disch 6.11.19R Welsh Fus Pte 12578
  MGC   61275
Hulley Joseph E Middx R Pte G/6042
Hulley Joseph L 10/York, Lan R Cpl 21213
Hulley Joseph WRW Fus Pte 25619
  Lab Corps Pte 129524
Hulley J T 5/Bord R Pte 2733
Hulley Levi Lpool R Pte 406725
  Manch R   90188
  do   3514125
Hulley Lawrence WJ Leic R Pte 35953
  Lab C   12025
Hulley P Trans: Res Cpl T:R/13/38080
  disch 16.2.17 - sickness Para 392 xvi
Hulley Percy RGA Gnr 92246
Hulley Reginald Derby Yeo Pte 2361
  GS Das   GS/19902
Hulley Richard Durham LI Pte 4285
  Lan Fus   36476
  Lab C   700254
  RE   613474
Hulley Robert RE Spr WR/203962
Hulley Robert Border R Pte 202480
Hulley Robert ASC Pte T4/126794
Hulley Robert S R Lanc R Pte 2760
  Vicillated (1743 KR 1912) 8149/Adt
Hulley Sam RHA Gnr 140
Hulley Sam Tank C Pte 69925
Hulley Sam RE Spr (T)2179
  do   440400
Hulley Samuel Manch R Pte 2149
  disch 25.5.16 Sick Para 392 xxi KR
Hulley Stanley W York Rgt disch 25.11.19 Pte 233159
Hulley Stanley W Rid R Pte 3816
  W York R   5847
Hulley Thomas RE Spr 322114
Hulley Thomas R Lanc R Pte 17725
Hulley Thomas Lcs Rif Pte 21239
  Lab C   608821
Hulley Thomas E Lpool R Pte 695572
  Labour Corps   52389
Hulley Thomas Fredk York, Lan R 4th Pte 204506
  disch 26.3.18 S
Hulley Thomas Lees Lan Fus disch 7.6.15 Pte 15708
Hulley Thomas S RW Fus Pte 2691
  do   240876
Hulley Thomas W ASC Dvr T-356733
Hulley Ubilton KR Rif C Pte R/126023
Hulley Vincent RAMC Pte 125229
Hulley Walter Northd Fus ARW Pte 30426
Hulley Walter Ches R Pte 2492
  MGC   49954
Hulley Walter RW Fus Pte 684
  RE   WR/193525
Hulley Walter York & Lan R Pte 14424
  Northd Fus Pte 30426
Hulley Wilfred Ches R Pte 712
  MGC Sgt 83686
  Ches R Sgt 449434
Hulley William R War R Ck 9993
Hulley William E York R Pte 202254
Hulley William Ches R   17261
  S Lan R   15376
  RE Dvr 61268
Hulley William Ches R Pte 76783
  RW   94920
Hulley William RDC Pte 27044
Hulley William RW Fus Cpl 7303
Hulley William Y & L R Pte 39030
Hulley Lab Corps   Pte 131500
Hulley William ASC Pte M2/136928
Hulley William E Lan Fus Pte 46265
  RE   231976
  do   WR/284061
Hulley William H RW Fus Pte 30385
Hulley William H Y & L R Pte 17155
  Lab C   471931
  R Fus   GS/101051
Hulley William 1st Conn Rang Pte 9463
Hulley William H Welsh R Pte 65578
Hulley Wycliffe JL ASC Sgt M2/132426
  disch 6.11.19    
Hully Allan 7th Border R Pte 14875
Hully Albert E Lan Fus Pte 307023
Hully Frank 8th Border R Cpl 14883
Hully Fred 51st TR Bn L/Cpl TR/3/120+49
Hully Holby W Rid R Cpl 11251
    WO ClII do
Hully John W & C Yeo Pte 2932
  Border   260307
Hully John RGA Gnr SR/1332
  do   276332
Hully John T Border R Pte 2733
Hully John T ASC Dvr T-424308
Hully Mathew Border R Pte 2415
Hully Robert 8th Border R L/Cpl 5878
    Pte do
Hully Thomas L I/E York R Pte 10142
Hully W MMP L/C P-2639
Hully Walter L N Lan R Pte 41869
Hully William J 11 Border R Pte 15401
Hully William RGA Gnr 199467

No Ulley/Ully entries

Public Record Office Reference WO/372

Women's Service WO 329 - No entries


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