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United States of America Immigration lists

Several Hulley families and individuals made the great journey over the seas to a new life in the Americas. Records of such journeys are varied - some are covered in fine detail, others are no longer extant. This section highlights those pieces of information found so far.

I have collected several hundred entries of Hulley and Hooley names who went to North America in the 19th century. The sources include Castle Garden Manhattan arrivals; arrivals at Baltimore, Boston, California, New York, New Orleans, and Philadelphia; and North America arrivals.

The first list covers the period 1826 to 1892 and contains a summary of the source entry. The only parts missing from the summary are the name of the ship, ports of departure and arrival and location of passenger in the ship, e.g. cabin or steerage, if shown. If anyone would like the full entry I will be pleased to send it.

The second list covers the period 1893 to 1925 and contains similar summary details but the source entry is much more detailed. In some cases it shows date and place of birth, last address in the UK and address and person in the US at the final destination.

If any researcher has any further information about the persons listed or can add more immigrants to the list please let me have the details.

Ray Hulley, December 2006


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