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Wills - Leicestershire Record Office


Date Name Location Ref
1547 William Hudde Claybrooke W26 I26A
1535 Richard Hulley Claybrooke W21
1560 William Hulle Kibworth  
1577 John Heilley Lowght Borowe  
1577 John Helayes Lowght Borowe Inventory
1601 James Hallie Bowkby Thorpe  
1670 Isabella Uley Newbold, p.of Breedon * Admon

(* denotes Will missing)


Transcriptions and extracts

1547 William Hudde of Claybroke
JANE my wife; JHON my sone; JANE my dahr; ELSABETH HUDDE;

1535 Richard Hulley of Claybrooke
In the Name of god Amen. In the yere (of oure) Lord God AN.xxxxth the xxth day
of January I RYD HULLEY whole of in mynde & of good remembrance butt sycke in
bodie .................thydman folwyng do make thys my last wyll FYRST I
bequene my Sowlle to all myghte Gode to ......................lady seynt masn
to all the wholy copany off heven and my body to be buryyed in the churche
yarde off Cleybroke of pet parche and the gnene to the mother churche ijd. p.
to the Gyeant of Sheylyebth iijd. and I bequene to my Son JHON xlts. to my
daugther MGERY iij. for the purse to the churche of Cleybroke ij. peryhe of
malt pto the champell of Wyletofft j ftryh of malt jalts be quend to prd my
son a pewtt pott a wgyrher sylfferr spong yf he have any son yff not the fore
seyd thyndl to remayne to the name of the Hulleye at the resedew off my goods
I bequene to JANE my wieffe and to RYD my son by bnyn porc aand except the
coffer that the hymyn yojun and JANE my wyffe & RYD my son I make myne
the ovsearrs of my will wittnesse theraff if thaidmorre hycapt of Cleybroke of pyd judde fist classe ...TYLBERD in other.

1560 William Hulle of Kibworth
ALLE HULL my wieff; KATHERYNE HULL my dowter; JONE HULL my dowter; MARGET HULL

1577 John Heilley of Lowght Borowe
ALES HELEY my syster; ROBT HELEY my brother; DYLLIN TOMLENSON my dowghter;
AGOWAT MASTYAN my brother; BENG IDELLETY BT my brother;

1601 James Hallie of Bowkby Thorpe
ELIZ. HULLY my wiefe; HENRIE HULLIE my son and issue; ED & JOHN;


Information obtained from Leicestershire Record Office.


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