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Derbys02 - Descendants of George Hully father of George Hully who was baptised at Baslow in 1743

This tree commences in 1743 with the baptism of George son of George Hulley of Baslow on 25 July 1743 at St Anne's church Baslow. The earlier members of this family came from Baslow, Bakewell, Ashford and Eckington. Some of their descendants settled in Manchester and Prestwich, Lancashire; Sheffield, Ecclesall Bierlow and Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire. Charles Edward Hulley born 1820 at Eckington emigrated to Australia before 1863, the birth of his first Australian-born child. His tree is continued on the Aust01 family tree.


October 2018

The marriage licences for the following members of this FT have been added to their Notes.

Sarah Hulley born 1803;

Elizabeth Hulley nee Gregory born 1808;

April 2018

The second marriage of Albert Hulley (born 1854) to Beatrice Marshall ( born 1878) has been added to this FT. It was previously included erroneously in the Yorks06 FT but his second marriage certificate in 1913 shows Benjamin Hulley (Deceased) Wood Cutter as his father, exactly as his first marriage certificate in 1882.

January 2017

More marriage details have been added to the Notes of the following persons shown on this FT:

Ann Hulley to John Hutchinson in 1850; Matilda Hulley to Thomas Hall in 1888; Thomas Hulley to Minnie Hepworth in 1903; James Hulley to Mary Ellen Wooley in 1903; Albert Henry Hulley to Elsie Smith in 1910.

October 2016

Full details of the 39 marriages of the following persons shown on this FT have been added to their Notes:
Jonathan Hulley to Ann Bennett in 1838; Mary Ann Hulley to Joseph Addy in 1845; Ellis Hulley to Eliza Marples in 1849; John Hulley to  Ann Knowles in 1852; William Hulley to Maria Newbold in 1853; Wm Robinson Hulley to Jane Cowen in 1853; James Hulley to Bridget McDermot in 1854; John Hulley to Mary Worrall in 1858; George Hulley to Susannah Maiden Franks in 1859; George Hulley to Sarah Slack in 1860; Emily Hully to Benjamin F. Hollinsworth in 1861; Mary Jane Hulley to John Douglas in 1862; Christiana Hulley nee Grundy to William Taylor in 1864; John Hulley to Jane Booker in 1865; Hannah Hulley to William Needham in 1865; William Hulley to Sarah Hoole in 1865; Clara Hulley to George Gambles in 1866; Eliza Hulley to Joshua Wood in 1868; Ann Hulley to James Millward in 1870; Selina Hulley to George Barber in 1871; Robert William Hulley to Sarah Hickson in 1873; Eliza Hulley to John Whiteside in 1874; James Hulley to Mary Leadbeater Staples in 1874; Jane Hulley to Thomas Saxby Gillott in 1878; Samuel Joseph Hulley to Fanny R. Mason in 1881; Edward Hulley to Beatrice Ward in 1886; Sarah Elizabeth Hulley to Herbert Green in 1886; Samuel Hulley to May Jane Thompson in 1887; William Henry Hulley to Lena Victorine Atkinson in 1887; George Hulley to Elizabeth Firth in 1888; James Hulley to Alice Crisp nee Barker in 1889; Annie Elizth Hulley to Frederick Wiggett in 1890; John Hulley to Sarah Ann Rawlins in 1890; Mary Elizabeth Hulley to William Hebb in 1896; Jane Alice Hulley to William Probert in 1897; Elizabeth Hulley to John Hughes in 1905; Sylvia Hulley to John S. Gartside in 1907; Harriet Hulley to George Bolsover in 1908; John William Hulley to Florence Cox in 1909.

February 2016

The following member of this FT is listed in the Freemason Membership Registers: Charles Edward Hully 1895-1942. Details of each entry are shown in his Notes.

January 2016

The following entries have been found in Yorkshire BMDs from Find My Past;

Marriage Allegations - 1872 - George Bradbury Hulley and May Catherine Twigg; 1874 - Eliza Hulley and John Whiteside.
Marriages - 1893 - Benjamin Bradbury Hulley to Sarah Shaw; 1865 - Mary Ann, daughter of William and Caroline Ulley to William Parker. See the Notes of each person for more details.

October 2015

The following persons shown on this FT have at least one entry from the Find My Past newspaper collection 1725-1901. Details are shown in their Notes: Joseph Hulley c.1826; John William Hulley b.1851; William Henry Hulley c.1866; Elizabeth Hulley c.1834; Benjamin Bradbury Hulley b.1847; John William Hulley b.1882.

March 2015

I have found the following persons in the lists of West Yorkshire Prisoners 1801-1914 and have allocated the information shown to the individuals' Notes. Both of of them served their sentences in Wakefield Prison.

George Hulley b1859; Walter Hulley b1863.

February 2014

Several entries covering births, marriages and deaths have been added to this Family Tree from the Lancashire On-line Parish Clerks website. Full details are shown in the Notes of each person.

January 2014

A source of recently published information has been searched for members of this family. Manchester Poor Rate Books 1706--1900 are now on Find my Past and 19 persons from this FT are listed. The PRB contain lists of every house owner and tenant and the charges made by the Overseers of the Poor in respect of the property, (similar to the modern General Rate) payable towards the upkeep of the district workhouses and to supplement the income of the poorest families. The following members of this FT are shown on the PRB:

Samuel Hulley c1775; Mary Hulley c1787; Benjamin George Hulley c1799; John Hully c1801; William Martin Hulley b1804; Alice Hulley nee Hodginson m1802; Samuel Hulley c1816; John Hulley c1819; Samuel Lomax Hulley c1830; Robert William Hulley b1832; Joseph Hulley b1834; George Hulley b1843; James Hulley b1859; John Walley Hulley b1861; Albert Hulley c1854; John Henry Hulley b1872; John Hulley c1823; Elizabeth Hulley nee Gregory b1808; William Hulley b1835; and Eliza Hulley nee Blakeley b1841.

There are 575 Hulley entries in the PRB, 284 (50%) of which are for members of this Family Tree. This shows the attraction of Manchester to the Hulleys of Derbyshire in the 19th century, many of whom obviously moved to the city seeking work and a better life for their children.


January 2013

A check of the recently published additions on the Ancestry website for the West Riding of Yorkshire Births, Marriages and Deaths 1512-1935 has revealed 13 events linked to this Family Tree. They include 2 baptisms - John Thomas son of Edwin and Annie Elizabeth Hulley 1885; and Frederick Cyril son of Benjamin and Clara Hulley 1907. There are 11 marriages listed: Samuel Watmough and Ellen Hulley 1879;
Allan Bell and Elizabeth Hannah Hulley 1882; Edwin Hulley and Annie Taylor Iveson 1884; Christopher Brooks and Mary Isabella Hulley 1885;
Raymond Long and Gertrude Rebecca Hulley 1914; James Walter Adams and Dallas Lily Hulley 1916; Albert Hill and Millicent Doris Hulley 1919; John Beaumont Buckley and Florence Agnes Hulley 1924; Reginald Hulley and Phyllis Parkin 1929; and Frederick Cyril Hulley and Florence Maud West 1930. Full details are shown in the Notes of each person.

July 2010

A check of 19th century online newspapers has uncovered several news items relating to some of the persons on this FT. They include William Hulley b.1802; William Martin Hulley b.1804; Jonathan Hully b.1810; John Hulley b.1819; John Hulley b.1823; Ellis Hulley b.1827; William Robinson Hulley b.1827; James Hulley b.1831; Elizabeth Hulley b.1834; John Hulley b.1848; George Hulley b.1859; George Henry Hulley b.1871.

William Martin Hulley appeared as a witness for the prosecution in the trial held at Manchester in 1867 when a gang of Irishmen attacked at prison van carrying 2 Irish prisoners to court. William Philip Allen, Michael Larkin, and Michael O'Brien were members of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, an organisation dedicated to ending British rule in Ireland. They were executed for the murder of a police officer in Manchester in 1867. The trio were members of a group of 30 to 40 Fenians who attacked a horse-drawn police van transporting two arrested leaders of the Brotherhood, Thomas J. Kelly and Timothy Deasy, to Belle Vue Gaol. Police Sergeant Charles Brett, travelling inside with the keys, was shot and killed as the attackers attempted to force the van open by blowing the lock. See the Wikipedia article Manchester Martyrs.

March 2010

11 more persons have been added to this tree, including John Marsden Hulley (1894-1898) son of Abraham Hulley and Agnes nee Marsden of Baslow, who later moved to Garston Lancashire; and John Birks born 1797 who married Ann Hulley of Baslow and had 3 children by her.

November 2009

A check of the London Parish Records has revealed several entries for events connected to Benjamin Hulley born 1795 at Edensor, who married Mary Ann Miles at St James's church Westminster in 1829.

Baptism - Rosina d. of William and Margaret Hulley (1858); Burials - Benjamin Hulley age 39 (1834); Elizabeth Amelia Hulley 4yrs 10mo (1834); Mary Ann Hulley nee Miles age 54 (1855). Details are shown in their Notes.

July 2009

A search of the old and new graveyards of St Anne's church Baslow has revealed 34 Hulleys in 16 graves. Full details of each entry have been added to the Notes for each person.

April 2009

Further research has been done on the previously unknown spouses in this family and another 22 spouses have been added. Where the FreeBMD entry shows more than one possible candidate, both are shown pending further research or a sight of the marriage certificate. If you are able to assist, please contact me.

February 2009

An additional 39 names have been added to this FT, mainly spouses and their families as shown in the census after their marriage. There is one more Hulley (Mary born 1862), as well as the following surnames now on the FT:
Barber - Bell - Blackburn - Boreham - Brooks - Brunt - Gillott - Green - Hibbert - Mottram - Musgrave - Robins - Taft - Wood.

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