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London02 - Descendants of Thomas Hulley who died in London in 1779

This Family Tree includes the descendants of the above Thomas Hulley - Thomas born 1755 and Harry born 1759. Harry was a talented artist and exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1783 to 1787. He moved to Bath in 1787 and continued his painting until his death in 1832. His son Thomas was also an artist until his death in Bath in 1847. There are no known Hulley descendants from this tree.


February 2016

The following member of this FT is listed in the Freemason Membership Registers: Thomas Hulley 1796-1847. Details of each entry are shown in his Notes.

October 2015

The following person shown on this FT has at least one entry from the Find My Past newspaper collection 1725-1901. Details are shown in their Notes: Harry Hulley b.1759.

January 2011

This Family Tree has been severely curtailed following the discovery that Thomas Hulley b. 1755 was NOT the spouse of Mary Wright when they married at Prestbury in 1792. Their descendants are now shown in the London03 tree.

This FT now only covers the Hulley families of London and Bath. The employment record of Thomas Hulley (d. 1779) has been discovered in the archives of the Bank of England. Unfortunately neither his birthplace nor his next-of-kin are listed. Thomas Hulley (1796-1847) was the last male in this line and never married. Full details are shown in the Notes of each person.


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