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SouthAfrica01 - Descendants of Richard Hulley who was born Ecclesfield,Yorkshire in 1785


Louie Sidley Hulley

1910 26 Oct - born

341. Elma Joyce Hulley

1939-1945 - Enlisted as a volunteer with Women's Auxiliary Army Service at age 18 and served 6 years.
Later married Frederick du Barry and had 2 sons, Roger and Guy. Became a Chiropodist.
1998 - Emigrated to UK. Information from Frank Hulley, New Zealand.

2008 Apr - Note by John Powell: The spelling of 'Elmer' was discussed at great length with a number
of Hulley family members and they were all adamant that it was not spelt 'Elma'. In the
absence of any documentary proof, I would have to accept any alternative spelling with a
stronger argument.

2010 26 Jan - Note by Frank Hulley: I have just been looking at our South African family tree, and notice
that my sister Elma Joyce Hulley, (now du Barry) has her first name spelt as ELMER. This
is wrong. I have known her all my life and I definitely know that her name is spelt with an
'A' and does not end with ER.

2012 17 Feb - died at Blandford Forum, Dorset, England - see message from Frank Hulley below.

2012 19 Feb - message from Frank Hulley in New Zealand:
It has not been such a merry xmas, as it is with regret that I must ask you to record the
demise of my sole remaining sister Elma Joyce du Barry nee HULLEY in Blandford
Forum, Dorset on the 17th of February at the age of 88 . This leaves me as the only
survivor left from the family of Francis Walter Hulley.

342. Frank Kennedy Hulley

1927 19 Aug - born in Swaziland

1939 - 1945 - During WW2 he volunteered for active military service with the Union Defence Force at
age 15 and trained as a fulltime soldier with the Youth Training Brigade, where he
Matriculated and rose to platoon Sergts. rank. At age 17 transferred out to the Transvaal
Scottish Regiment, as infantryman, and saw active service in Italy just before the end of
the war.

2001 - Emigrated and settled in New Zealand. (Information supplied by Frank Kennedy Hulley of
New Zealand Feb 2004).

2013 01 Jul - died in New Zealand - information from his sons Alan and Gavin.

344. Rodney Raymond Hulley

1939 - 1945 - volunteered for active military service with the Union Defence Force and served with a S.A.
Armoured Car regiment in the Western Desert of Egypt, later served with Base Tank
Workshops S.A.R.& H Bde in Alexandria, and in 1944/5 served in Italy as infantry with the
Natal Carbineers, with 6th S.A. Armoured Div. (Information supplied by Frank Kennedy
Hulley of New Zealand Feb 2004).

346. Trevor Burkley Hulley

Twin of Derek Edgar Hulley

358. David Henry Hulley

1906 04 Nov - born at Nkonza Falls, Colony of Natal.

1907 14 Jun - christened at Esikeni Mission, Umzimkulu District, Cape Colony; Rev. SN BISHOP; Entry #858; Witnesses:
The Parents, Alfred Brangan HULLEY [doc].

No date - married Makagona Emma Shayamano. (children named in Death Notice dated 11 Aug 1972 - 1. Giolion (?
Jolyon ?Julian), 2. Evan, 3. Grace, 4. Margaret; (many errors in DN) [doc].

1944 06 Jun - son Gideon Dominic born at Enkeldoorn, Southern Rhodesia.

1947 02 Jul - son Frank born at Enkeldoorn, Southern Rhodesia.

1948 06 Jul - dau Grace born at Enkeldoorn, Southern Rhodesia.

1952 05 Jun - dau Margaret born at Enkeldoorn, Southern Rhodesia.

1971 07 Dec - died at Cougar Mine, Urungwe TTL, Karoi District, Rhodesia,

No date - buried at Gatooma Cemetery, Rhodesia, Miner. D/R=Widower, DN=unmarried; 4 Children (DN=
illegitimate); D/R: Entry #URU/158/71[doc] ; DN: ref. 1164/1972; signed by AM HULLEY, brother, at
Salisbury, 11 Aug 1972.

630. Maureen Magdeline Hulley

1948 11 Nov - ?born at Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia.

1951 28 Apr - ?died at Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia.

362. Archibald McMillan Hulley

1917 03 May - born at Enkeldoorn, Southern Rhodesia.

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