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SouthAfrica01 - descendants of Richard Hulley who was born Ecclesfield,Yorkshire in 1785


364. Walter Herbert Hulley

1921 12 Feb - born at Enkeldoorn, Southern Rhodesia.

No date - married Helena Charlotte Jageser .

No date - dau Juleeta Anne born.

Helena Charlotte Jageser

No date - dau Juleeta Anne born.

2010 25 Jul - died.

365. Margaret Blossom Hulley

1923 02 Jun - born at Enkeldoorn, Southern Rhodesia.

No date - married Andrew Pickard.

1985 - died.

368. Henry Arthur Hulley

1920 13 Dec - born - information from Janne Kirsten

1939-45 World War - information from Janne Kirsten

This e-mail is with regards to one of the POW's of the second world war from South Africa I hope this is
of some assistance to you as I gleen more information I'll be sure to inform you.
79206 L/Corporal Hulley Henry Arthur - 3rd Bn TVL Scottish c/o I.V. Hulley, P.O. Roodepoort, Transvaal

As indicated on the Hulley website this refers to my Grandfather Henry Arthur Hulley who has been
recorded on the Website as indicated below.

I have added some additional information as received from my mother Grace D Hulley which had been
recorded in our Family Bible. Furthermore I have additional information regarding my grandfather's
service during the Second World War as he was a member of the Memorable Order of Tin Hats(MOTH)
in Muldersdrift (nicknamed the Shell hole) in South Africa. I have contacted them for further information
regarding my grandfather as well as the Transvaal Scottish Regimental Association, but did dig up this
information about where and how my grandfather may have been taken prisoner.

It sounds about correct as I can remember once seeing a photo of my grandfather with some of his
comrades in arms standing in front the Pyramids at Gizza (in the buff except for strategically placed
leaves - only they'd know where they got the leaves!)
Unfortunately I was told when I saw the photo that no more than 5 minutes after that photo was taken
fighting broke out and almost all the soldiers in the photo were killed which is supported by the
information I dug up as indicated below, Furthermore my mom mentioned my grandfather as being a
prisoner of War in Italy (where according to rumour, he was helped to escape and kept safe by an
italian family how true this is I've yet to verify) .

P.S as a child I could not understand why my Grandfather never really spoke about his experiences
during the war but after reading this as written below it does sound horrific.

Disaster at Sidi Rezegh -- 3 Transvaal Scottish sailed north in December 1940 for the Ethiopian
campaign, in particular the three-day attack on Mega. After this the battalion was sent to Egypt, where it
was virtually wiped out at the battle of Sidi Rezegh. There, on 22 November 1941, the brigade of which
3 Transvaal Scottish formed part was overrun by German armour. As many men were killed that day, in
that one battalion, as died in each of the other two Transvaal Scottish battalions throughout the course
of the war.
A young 3 Transvaal Scottish NCO, Lance Corporal Bernie Friedlander, was awarded the George
Medal most unusually, on the recommendation of a German officer. An Italian ship carrying prisoners of
war was torpedoed off the Greek coast; Friedlander stripped and swam ashore with a rope, so that
many lives were saved which would have been otherwise lost.
Sidi Rezegh was the end for 3 Transvaal Scottish, which was temporarily disbanded, but other
Transvaal Jocks fought through Italy either as part of a composite unit or forming fully one-third of the
strength of Prince Alfred's Guard, an Eastern Cape regiment.

2008 28 Jun - Research at The National Archives, Kew.


1. Europe (TNA reference WO 344/154) (including)
79206 L/Corporal Hulley Henry Arthur 3rd Bn TVL Scottish c/o I.V. Hulley, P.O. Roodepoort, Transvaal

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