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Yorks02 - Descendants of James Hully born at Saddleworth in 1759

This Family Tree shows the descendants of James Hulley born at Saddleworth in 1759.


October 2015

The following persons shown on this FT have at least one entry from the Find My Past newspaper collection 1725-1901. Details are shown in their Notes: James Hully c.1816; John Hully c.1819; Mary Hully c.1857.

February 2014

Several entries covering births, marriages and deaths have been added to this Family Tree from the Lancashire On-line Parish Clerks website. Full details are shown in the Notes of each person.

November 2013

The Cheshire Electoral Registers 1842 -1900 are now online at and I have extracted those for William Hully b. 1842 who lived at Tintwistle between 1885 and 1893.

May 2013

Some interesting information has been passed to me by a WW2 researcher in the Netherlands. It concerns the experience of a member of this family - John Vincent Hulley - who, whilst a Prisoner of War in Stalag 8B camp hut 344, exchanged his identity with a fellow prisoner who had been shot down in the Netherlands in order to escape with two of his colleagues from the Australian Air Force. The information consisted of a copy of a grubby note with John's name on it presumably written at the time of the planned escape. I have yet to establish whether the plan succeeded. Full details are shown in his Notes.

February 2013

A check of the recently published additions on the Ancestry website for the West Riding of Yorkshire Births, Marriages and Deaths 1512-1935 has revealed 1 post 1837 marriage linked to this Family Tree: William Spence and Mary Hulley 1854 at St Peter's church Leeds. Full details are shown in the Notes of each person.

January 2012

Barry Collins has provided some interesting information about Hannah Hully who was baptised at St Thomas's Old church, Friarmere in 1824. In addition to having 2 illegitimate children Joseph 1849 and Mary 1852, she went on to establish a relationship with a Newland Gartside (an ancestor of Barry) with whom she had a son in 1855 and called him Newland Hulley. Newland Gartside was quite a character and was sent to prison at least twice, and the fuller picture may be read in his Notes.

August 2010

A search of online 19th century newspapers has revealed some intriguing news items concerning several persons in the FT. These are as follows: Martha Hulley nee Butterworth b.1804; Mary Hulley nee Kay b.1816; John Hulley b.1819; James Hulley b.1828; Joseph Hulley b.1832; Alice Hulley b.1833; Ann Hulley b.1836; Joseph Hulley b.1843; Lucy Hulley b.1844; and Elizabeth Hulley b.1846.

Julia Whitehead has provided some details of the family of Lucy Hully b.1844 and Joseph Shaw.

December 2009

Welcome to Julia Whitehead who has provided additional information about Sarah Ann Hully born 1844. She is a direct descendant of her through her marriage to James Thomas Whitehead in 1870.

October 2009

I have added the full details of the marriages of James Hulley (born 1880), his sister Mary (Polly) born 1883) and the deaths of their parents Squire and Hannah Hulley, also the marriage 1854 details of James Hulley and Fanny Sykes sent to me by Beryl Jones of Australia.

April 2009

Further searches of FreeBMD marriages have uncovered spouses of the following: Elizabeth Hulley born 1861; Joseph Henry Hulley born 1880; Amy Hulley born 1882; Isaiah Hulley born 1889; and Florence Eliza Hulley born 1890.

February 2009

An additional 48 names have been added to this FT, mainly spouses and their families as shown in the census after their marriage. These include 13 more Hulley/Hullys and the following surnames:
Crosdale - Davidson - Dawson - Dixon - Hough - Hume -Klis - Lees - Lilley - Marsland - Nield - Ross - Schofield - Shaw - Turner - Wood.

September 2008

Beryl has researched this family tree in relation to the emigration of some members to North America. She has discovered that Joseph and John, sons of Squire and Sarah; and Joseph son of John andd Nanny nee Shaw emigrated in the early 19th century. Squire followed them after the death of his wife Sarah. Full details are shown in the Notes for each person.

May 2008

Beryl Jones of Australia has kindly supplied further details of two more children of Squire and Hannah Hulley nee Dalton. These were Lucy, born and died in 1884; and William who was born and died in 1895. She has also provided the death details of Jane Hulley nee Wood, wife of James Hulley, who died in 1970 at Shaw, near Oldham aged 87. Full details are shown in the Notes for each person.

January 2008

Several marriage locations have been added to the tree from Cheshire BMD and Lancashire BMD websites.

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