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Macclesfield Times


Queen reputed to have stayed there

(Extract from the Macclesfield Times and Observer August 18th 1939)

    The One House, off Buxton Road, where it is stated, Queen Elizabeth once spent the night when passing through the town, is being demolished and in its place a modern residence is to be erected. The building and the grounds have been purchased by Mr. G. Brookes, of Upton, Macclesfield, who had hoped to have reconstructed the original house. This was found impossible and for the past few weeks Messrs. Sherratt and Co. have been busily engaged in demolishing it. The One House was one of the oldest residences in Macclesfield and a stone above the main entrance bore the inscription “Re-built 1703.”

   Mr. Sherratt of the firm engaged in the demolition work, told a “Macclesfield Times” reporter that the new owner had hoped to save parts of the building, but this had been found impossible owing to its great age. The woodwork, he said, rotten and some of the stones crumbled when disturbed. Some of the walls were three feet thick and, in the centre, plastic made of mud and twigs has been discovered.

   “We found an underground passage, “ said Mr. Sherratt,” and whilst we do not know to where this originally led I am of the opinion that it was probably a passage going to the Church. A few years ago when some property was being demolished at the rear of the Parish Church an underground passage was discovered there and this went in the direction of Buxton Road. Whether there was any connection between the two passages I do not know. “I understand that the One House was originally built by a Mr. Savage, whose family was associated with the Parish Church. Mr. Brookes wanted the large stone over the main doorway, bearing the inscription ‘Rebuilt 1703’ saving, but it crumbled when we took it down.”

Mr Brookes is to build a new residence on the original site of the One House and as many of the stones as possible will be utilised.

Copied by Ray Hulley
November 2021

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