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The Manchester Genealogist

Crickets Lane Fever Hospital Ashton under Lyne

Members will know that the unfilmed census covering most of Ashton under Lyne town (Public Record Office reference HO 107/2233) has been transcribed by volunteers of the Society and issued on microfiche. This part of the project was undertaken in its early stages when the team had to rely on natural daylight to decipher the very badly stained originals. Consequently, many of the entries were unreadable but the microfiche shows all the recaptured data. The returns for the Fever Hospital in Crickets Lane, Ashton under Lyne were particularly badly hit with only 8 of the 70 residents fully identified.

When the work was transferred to the Public Record Office at Kew, we were allowed to use artificial and ultra-violet (UV) light on the final batch of unfilmed returns including St. George's, Blackley and Prestwich, and Pendleton and Pendlebury. The results had to be seen to be believed and the 'recapture' rate went up significantly. I had an opportunity last February to recheck some of the Ashton returns using UV light and filled in all the missing names for the Fever Hospital. The complete list is shown below. Names of the residents are shown in alphabetical order for ease of searching.

The team at Kew is currently transcribing the filmed returns for Ardwick Township and Chorlton on Medlock (HO 107/2220) and hopes to complete this work by the end of next year. Those members who have attempted to peer through the gloom of the microfilm covering this area will no doubt appreciate the difficult task, but we are confident that more than 75% of the original entries will be recaptured. We shall then turn our attention to those parts of the unfilmed returns which previously had low recapture rates so that as much as possible of the 1851 returns will be of use to family historians and researchers alike. *

*Ray Hulley, Census Co-ordinator


Surname First name Relationship Status Age Occupation Birth place
Ellis Charles Head Marr 39 Governor Hospital Lan. Manchester
Ellis Elizabeth Wife Marr 24 Matron Lan. Manchester
Ellis Robert Son   2   Ashton under Lyne
Ellis Charles Son   11mths   Ashton under Lyne
Tyrer Richard Serv Marr 69 General Servant Stretford
Andrew John Serv Marr 51 General Savant Yorks, Wadele
Bretnor Bernard Serv Marr 30 General Servant Ches. Hollingworth
Watson Mary Ann Serv Wid 53 General Servant Lincolnsh. Spalding
Lodge Esther Serv Marr 38 General Servant Yorks. Saddleworth



Surname First name Relationship Status Age Occupation Birth place
Ashworth Robert Pauper Wdr 68 Hatter Ashton under Lyne
Atkinson Thomas Pauper Wdr 44 Clogger Ashton under Lyne
Barrow James Pauper Unm 29 Iron moulder Lan. Warrington
Bennett Maria Pauper Unm 27   Lan. Staley Bridge
Blackshaw Samuel Pauper Unm 40   Droylesden (blind)
Blackshaw Agnes Pauper Wid 65 Hat Picker Ambleside
Booth Susannah Pauper Unm 28 Tenter (Cotton) Chapel en le Frith
Bradbury Ann Pauper Unm 47 Servant Ches. Hollingworth
Buckley Hannah Pauper Wid 40 General Servant Ashton under Lyne
Buckley Richard Pauper Unm 42 Bricklayer Yorks. Sheffield
Burke Martin Pauper Marr 63 Spinner Ireland
Carr Ann Pauper Unm 23 Tenter (Cotton) Berks. Windsor
Chadwick Ann Pauper Marr 20 Tenter (Cotton) Lan. Gorton
Clegg Betsey Pauper Marr 24 Charwoman Lan. Harwood
Crossby Catherine Pauper Marr 22 General Servant Ireland
Crowther Ellen Pauper Unm 27 Cotton Lan. Colne
Devine Margaret Pauper Unm 75 Charwoman NK. bon in army
Duffy Margaret Pauper Unm 38 General Servant Ireland
Ellison Joseph Pauper Unm 20 Piecer (Cotton) Ches. Dukinfield
Emery Joseph Pauper Widr 60 Gardener Ches. Davenham
Fielding Abraham Pauper Unm 42 Hatter Lan. Oldham
Hatton James Pauper Marr 48 Carder (Cotton) Lan. Salford
Haughton William Pauper Marr 17 Ag Labourer Lan. Denton
Howard Martha Pauper Marr 58 Charwoman Yks. Saddleworth
Howard Mary Pauper Unm 40 Winder (Cotton) Ireland
Hoyle William Pauper Unm 17 idiot Ashton under Lyne
Jackson Thomas Pauper Unm 27 Rover (Cotton) Lan. Oldham
Kelly Thomas Pauper Unm 17 idiot Ashton under Lyne
Lees Bridget Pauper Wid 37 idiot Ashton under Lyne
McCann Mary Pauper Unm 15 Piecer (Cotton) NK
McCullock Elizabeth Pauper Unm 27 Tenter (Cotton) Lan. Preston
McCullock Mary Pauper   7m   Lan. Preston
McGarran James Pauper   13 Piecer (Cotton) Ireland
McKeon Mary Pauper Unm 18 General Servant Ireland
McKeon Margaret Pauper Unm 20 General Servant Ireland
Micklefield John Pauper Unm 24 Chimney Sweep Ashton under Lyne
Middlebrook Jane Pauper Marr 34 Charwoman Yks. Barnsley
Middlebrook Robert Pauper   7   Lan. Staley Bridge
Middlebrook James Pauper   4   Lan. Staley Bridge
Middlebrook John Pauper   4m   Lan. Staley Bridge
Mosley Michael Pauper Unm 16 Ag Labourer Ireland
Newton Mary Pauper Unm 22 Tenter Ashton under Lyne (blind)
Nuttall John Pauper Unm 34 Weaver (Cotton) Ches. Stockport
Oakley Gawur? Pauper Unm 22 Railway Labourer Norfolk, St Mary's
Roberts John Pauper Marr 51 Dresser (Woollen) Yorks.. Saddleworth
Robinson Maria Pauper   11 an orphan NK
Robinson Susanna Pauper Marr 31 Winder (Cotton) Yks. NK
Savin William Pauper Unm 18 Piecer (Cotton) Ireland
Scholfield Joseph Pauper Unm 35 Hatter Lan. Droylesden
Shaw Henry Pauper Marr 33 Whitesmith Ashton under Lyne
Southman Mary Pauper Unm 18 Winder (Cotton) Lan. Farnworth
Taylor Thomas Pauper Unm 15 Piecer (Cotton) Lan. Hyde
Warburton George Pauper Wdr 58 Bleacher (Cotton) Lan. Radcliffe
White Louisa Pauper Marr 23 Reeler (Cotton) Ireland
White Michael Pauper   6m   Yks, Sheffield
Whittaker Henry Pauper Marr 55 Dyer Lan. Edenfield
Wild George Pauper Unm 67 Labourer Lan. Denton
Wood Sarah Pauper Unm 63 General Servant Ches. Newton (deaf and dumb)
Yarwood William Pauper Wdr 67 Fustian draper Lan. Manchester


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