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The Manchester Genealogist

1851 unfilmed census returns for Prestwich -
Migrants from Blackburn, Bolton, Bury and Wigan

The team of transcribers at the Public Record Office, London have almost completed the above returns and will be sending them to Manchester for computer inputting shortly. They will be published some time in 1999. The returns for this area of north Manchester have highlighted a number of entries showing that the head of household was born in one of the four Lancashire towns shown above. This is an exceptionally large number of migrants for what was a very small town of 5,000 people. Clearly the numbers employed in the cotton industry, particularly the bleaching, dying and finishing trades, point to the fact that a number of such factories had been established in the locality in the preceding years and whose owners had "poached" the workers from other towns, generally north of Prestwich.

The name of the heads of households who were born in these towns have been extracted from the returns and are shown below. In addition there are the odd lodger, servant, visitor, etc, who also come from the four areas but are not included in the list. If any member wishes to obtain details of a particular entry in exchange for a donation to the Society, please contact me.

Table 1: 1851 unfilmed census for Prestwich
Public Record Office reference HO 107/2232
List of migrants from Blackburn, Bolton, Bury and Wigan areas

Name Occupation Born
Atherton Bleacher Wigan?
Beddows Bleacher Horwich
Belshaw Bleacher Wigan
Bentley Color Mixer Clitheroe
Bentley Steamer Print Works Harwood
Bleackley Bleacher & Dyer Horwich
Bleackley Bleacher Horwich
Bleackley Farmer of 12 acres Halliwell
Bleackley Finisher Turton
Bleakley Bleacher Halliwell
Blomerley Maker Up Cotton Bolton
Booth Commission Agent Holcombe Brook
Boyd Calico Printer Blackburn
Brooks Solicitor Burnley
Burrows Finisher Leyland
Butterworth Weaver Livesey
Butterworth Engineer Milnrow
Cokeley Dyer Farrington
Collinge Pauper form. Ag Lab Shuttleworth
Collins Engraver Rochdale
Consterdine Agl labourer Croston
Cooper Housework Bolton
Cowell Cotton Manufacturer Blackburn
Crawshaw Dyer Edgeworth
Crook Labourer Bolton
Cross Block Printer Preston
Crossley Winder Silk Pilsworth
Darling Druggist Leyland
Dearden Labourer Heap
Dickinson Carter Anderton
Dickinson Porter Horridge
Dickinson Warehouse Porter Anderton
Diggles Retired Merchant Bolton
Drinkwater Landed Proprietor Bolton
Fitton Bleacher Smallbridge
Fogg Bleacher Bolton
Gee Coachman Brightmet
Gregory Maker Up of Twist Bury
Gregory Millwright Elton
Halstead Salesman Colne
Hardman Townsman Bury
Hargreaves Launderer Over Darwen
Helliwell HL Weaver Blackburn
Heywood Finisher Baystead
Heywood Gentleman Haslingden
Hogg Bleacher Haslingden
Holding PL Weaver Houghton
Holt Bleacher Horridge
Hope Labourer Bolton
Hopwood Finisher Preston
Hough Block Printer Bury
Jones Finisher Blackrod
Kenyon Gardener Bury
Kershaw Ag Labr Pilsworth
Kershaw Farmer & Bleach Wks Turton
Leach (Blind) Shuttleworth
Lee Smith & Publican Bamford
Livesey Smallware Dealer Turton
Martin Millwright Horwich
Massey Beer Seller Holcombe
Massey Muslin Finisher Cockey Moor
Mather Bleacher Ainsworth
Mather Provision Dealer Bury
Moore PL Weaver Blackburn
Openshaw Bleacher Bolton
Openshaw Spinner, Cott.Manuf Bury
Parker Shoemaker Bury
Partington Farmer of 23 acres Heap
Pearson Tailor Sabden
Pickup Machine Printer Rosendale
Pickup Townsman Harwood
Pilkington Commission Agent Blackburn
Prestwich HL Weaver Silk Heap
Ratcliffe Bleacher Chorley
Roakley? Dyer Holcombe
Royle Ag Labr Heap
Saul Schoolmaster Orrell
Name Occupation Born
Scholes Plasterer & Painter Tottington
Seddon Bleacher Westhoughton
Sellars Stone Mason Blackburn
Smith Engineer Bolton
Smith Pauper Schoolmistress Bolton
Standing Wheel Wright Entwistle
Stansfield Ag Labourer Trawden
Sunderland Barber Turton
Sutton Warper Heaton
Tattersall Boiler Coverer Haslington
Thompson Warper Cotton Blackburn
Unsworth Printer Ainsworth
Walmsley Engineer Blackburn
Walsh Dyer Blackburn
Webster Farmer of 100 acres Padiham
Wilding Bleacher Heapy
Wolstenholme Farmer Heap
Wood Warp Sizer Bolton
Worsley Farm Labourer Rivington
Worthington Agl Labourer Croston
Wylde Police Officer Sharples

Ray Hulley (1823) Project Coordinator

Location of above entries (not published)

TS Name Occupation Born
2 Martin Millwright Horwich
3 Seddon Bleacher Westhoughton
4 Crook Labourer Bolton
4 Fogg Bleacher Bolton
6 Hope Labourer Bolton
11 Fitton Bleacher Smallbridge
14 Darling Druggist Leyland
14 Tattersall Boiler Coverer Haslington
15 Mather Provision Dealer Bury
15 Pickup Townsman Harwood
17 Sunderland Barber Turton
19 Thompson Warper Cotton Blackburn
20 Butterworth Weaver Livesey
20 Holding PL Weaver Houghton
21 Moore PL Weaver Blackburn
21 Walmsley Engineer Blackburn
22 Hardman Townsman Bury
23 Saul Schoolmaster Orrell
23 Stansfield Ag Labourer Trawden
24 Beddows Bleacher Horwich
24 Gregory Millwright Elton
25 Sutton Warper Heaton
25 Blomerley Maker Up Cotton Bolton
34 Scholes Plasterer & Painter Tottington
37 Wood Warp Sizer Bolton
38 Cowell Cotton Manufacturer Blackburn
38 Pilkington Commission Agent Blackburn
39 Massey Beer Seller Holcombe
39 Bleackley Finisher Turton
39 Leach (Blind) Shuttleworth
41 Openshaw Spinner, Cott.Manuf Bury
43 Gregory Maker Up of Twist Bury
44 Ratcliffe Bleacher Chorley
44 Hopwood Finisher Preston
45 Bleakley Bleacher Halliwell
46 Sellars Stone Mason Blackburn
46 Mather Bleacher Ainsworth
48 Heywood Finisher Baystead
48 Helliwell HL Weaver Blackburn
49 Roakley? Dyer Holcombe
50 Dickinson Porter Horridge
50 Livesey Smallware Dealer Turton
51 Massey Muslin Finisher Cockey Moor
54 Hogg Bleacher Haslingden
56 Atherton Bleacher Wigan?
61 Butterworth Engineer Milnrow
64 Belshaw Bleacher Wigan
71 Smith Pauper Schoolmistress Bolton
88 Cooper Housework Bolton
90 Heywood Gentleman Haslingden
93 Halstead Salesman Colne
95 Consterdine Agl labourer Croston
126 Worsley Farm Labourer Rivington
129 Openshaw Bleacher Bolton
133 Worthington Agl Labourer Croston
140 Wylde Police Officer Sharples
146 Wolstenholme Farmer Heap
147 Dickinson Carter Anderton
152 Hough Block Printer Bury
152 Pearson Tailor Sabden
153 Bentley Color Mixer Clitheroe
155 Hargreaves Launderer Over Darwen
157 Bentley Steamer Print Works Harwood
157 Crawshaw Dyer Edgeworth
159 Walsh Dyer Blackburn
162 Booth Commission Agent Holcombe Brook
163 Cross Block Printer Preston
163 Pickup Machine Printer Rosendale
165 Unsworth Printer Ainsworth
167 Dearden Labourer Heap
168 Wilding Bleacher Heapy
168 Cokeley Dyer Farrington
168 Burrows Finisher Leyland
169 Holt Bleacher Horridge
170 Jones Finisher Blackrod
170 Bleackley Bleacher Horwich
171 Bleackley Bleacher & Dyer Horwich
172 Smith Engineer Bolton
173 Dickinson Warehouse Porter Anderton
182 Drinkwater Landed Proprietor Bolton
183 Diggles Retired Merchant Bolton
185 Bleackley Farmer of 12 acres Halliwell
189 Kenyon Gardener Bury
189 Webster Farmer of 100 acres Padiham
191 Gee Coachman Brightmet
196 Boyd Calico Printer Blackburn
213 Partington Farmer of 23 acres Heap
219 Lee Smith & Publican Bamford
221 Collins Engraver Rochdale
221 Standing Wheel Wright Entwistle
226 Brooks Solicitor Burnley
228 Collinge Pauper form. Ag Lab Shuttleworth
231 Parker Shoemaker Bury
231 Kershaw Ag Labr Pilsworth
235 Kershaw Farmer & Bleach Wks Turton
251 Royle Ag Labr Heap
251 Prestwich HL Weaver Silk Heap
254 Crossley Winder Silk Pilsworth


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