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The Manchester Genealogist

1851 census returns for Chorlton on Medlock
(Public Record Office reference HO 107/ 2220)

Many researchers seeking their ancestors in the above have checked both the filmed and unfilmed parts of the returns in vain. The filmed returns are amongst the worst to read and many entries are completely unreadable, which makes it very frustrating especially when one has the correct address and there is firm evidence from other sources that the family lived there in 1851, yet the vital details are covered up with water damage. To make things worse, only a handful of names have been recaptured from the unfilmed pages which are even worse to decipher than the filmed parts.

To those who have given up the quest as far as Chorlton on Medlock is concerned, it isn't all bad news. When the team of London-based volunteers have completed their work on the unfilmed returns for the final sub-district - Pendleton and Pendlebury, due to finish at the end of this year - we shall transcribe all the Chorlton on Medlock returns, this time using Ultra-Violet light. This has proved of immense benefit with other unfilmed returns and we hope to recapture many more entries than can be seen on the micro-film or which have been deciphered from the unfilmed sections. This work will take several months - there are 2,600 pages to transcribe and judging from past experience it will be a long, slow process. The four volunteers will always be grateful for additional assistance, so if you live in the London area and can spare a day each week at the PRO Kew, you will help to progress this vital work to a conclusion sooner rather than later. Please contact me for details.

Finally, I have recently uncovered some important information relating to the Chorlton on Medlock 1851 returns. If you cannot trace a particular street in either the filmed or unfilmed returns, then the likelihood is that the returns have been completely destroyed. If your ancestors were in residence in any of the undermentioned locations in 1851 then you will need to rely on others sources to trace them. I list below the missing streets, most of which are in the south and south-west part of the sub-district.

Public Record Office reference HO 107/2220

List of streets etc. not shown on filmed or unfilmed surname indexes

Note: Map references refer to the sheet number of the 60" to 1 mile 1850 Ordnance Survey map of Manchester.

Location Map reference
Abbey Street 43
Abbey View, Greenheys Lane 43
Acomb Street 44
Ash Cottage, Webster Street 43
Back Jenkinson Street 39
Booth Street West (part) 38,39
Bridge Street 44
Burlington Street 43,44
Butler Street 43
Cambridge Street (part) 39,44
Carlton Place, Webster Street 43
Carlton Terrace, Greenheys Lane 43
Carter Street 44
Carver Street 38
Cecil Street 44
Cecil Terrace, Cecil Street 44
Chapel Place, Ormond Street 39
Chatham Place, Hghr Chatham St 44
Clairville, Oxford Street 44
Cleveland Court 44
Cleveland Place, Webster Street 44
Cornbrook Place 44
Coupland Street 44
Cowcill Street 38
Drummond Terrace, Lloyd Street 44
Ducie House 44
Ducie Street 44
Eagle Street 38,44
Eldon Terrace, Burlington Street 44
Embden Lodge, Embden Street 43
Embden Street 43
Enfranchise Place 44
Exmouth Place, Oxford Street 44
Exmouth Street 44
Gore Street 43,44
Greenheys Hall 43
Greenheys Lane 43
Greenhill Street 43
Greenhill Terrace, Webster Street 43
Higher Chatham Street (part) 39,44
Ivy Court 44
Ivy Street 44
Jenkinson Street 39
John Street 39
Laburnum Place, Cecil Street 44
Lime Grove 44
Lime Grove View, Wright Street 44
Lloyd Street 44
Melbourne Terrace, Bridge Street 44
Monton Grove, Carter Street 44
Monton Terrace, Carter Street 44
Monton Villa, Carter Street 44
Nos 1 to 3 Courts, Jenkinson St 39
Nos 1 to 5 Court, Ormond Street 39
Ormond Street (part) 39
Oxford Place 39
Oxford Place, Oxford Street 44
Oxford Street (even numbers, part) 39,44
Park Cottage, Park Street 44
Park Street 44
Park Terrace, Park Street 44
Pigott Street 43
Prospect Street 38
Richmond Place, Coupland Street 44
Richmond Street 43
Ruby Place, Coupland Street 44
Tebbutts Court 39
Tebbutts Row 39
The Grapes PH 39
The Lloyd's Arms PH 39
The Penitentiary, Wood Street 43
The Wellingon PH 39
Tuer Street 39
Victoria Place, Cambridge Street 44
Waterloo Place, Oxford Street 39
Webster Street 43
Welbeck Street 38,39,44
Wellington Street 39
Wood Street 43
Wright Street 44

Ray Hulley (1823)
Project Coordinator
September 1998


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