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North Cheshire Family Historian

Macclesfield records at the Public Record Office

The Public Record Office holds thousands of Court Rolls from the Macclesfield Halmote, Portmote, Court Leet, Swainmote and other types of courts. These are in the SC2 series and date from 1346 to the early 19th century. Unfortunately none of them in this series are indexed except those that formed a survey by Dr AM Tonkinson MA PhD in 1990. This covered males who appeared in the Halmote and Portmote Courts between 1346 and 1396, copies of which are deposited in the County Record Office at Chester and in the Local Studies Library at Macclesfield.

The PRO series CHES also hold Court Rolls for a wide range of Cheshire courts dating from 1278 up to the early 19th century. Some of the earlier ones have been indexed and are shown in the Reports of the Deputy Keeper of the PRO and in volume 84 of the Chetham Society publications. Other Cheshire records at the PRO include the following:

Ministers' Accounts (DL) Macclesfield Forest 1466
Exchequer (E179) Lay Subsidy rolls 16 years between 1542 to 1641
Land Revenue (LR 2/200) Survey of the Manor & Forest of Macclesfield 1611

I have copied a list of names from 1608 Court Leet and Hundred rolls and show them below. Members who wish to obtain further information are invited to contact me.

Nominal Lists from Court Leet roll dated 1608
(Public Record Office reference SC2 269/11)

Jury List April 1608

William Fallowes gen  
Edward Thornicrofte gen Jur
Johe Bertles gen  
Thomas Piggott gen  
France Hobson gen Jur
Lea? Henshull Jur
William Bertles Jur
Thomas Craftie Jur
Thomas Mottershed (crossed out)  
John Higham Jur
William Parsons  
Anthony Rediche Jur
John Davenport  
Peter Warde Jur
Thomas Fytton Jur
Richard Ackton  
Hamlett Hyde alias Warde Jur
Hugh Wardley Jur
John Burgh  
Mathew Oakes Jur
Mathew Whilton Jur
Urian Ockes Jur
Rodgr Drackford Jur
Edward Newton  
Rynold Mottram  

Village representatives at Macclesfield Hundred Court held on 4 April 1608

(pl. = by the plea of)

Hugo Andrew
Ricus Andrew pl. Thomas Andrew
Reginold Lawton

Thomas Beelie
Raph Bostock
Edward Mosse als Tomlinson de Hattersley

Robtus Sheply
Thomas Shuttleworth mane Fr. Wariner
Willm Fidler

Mottram in Longdendale
Edrus Bower
Margar Sherte vid pl. Ric Newton
Ellen Tiderington
Johes Diddesburye
Johes Collyer de Hollingworth pl. Johes Higham
Johes Wilson

Pownall Fee
Johes Tayler

Robte Hiberte
Johes Shepley
Robtus ..... (paper missing)
Robtus Mottershed pl. Ric Newton
Joeanna Wadward
Edrus Dawson

Joanna Malbome
Willus Page

Inslimom Cartwright
Johes Browne
Johes Olliver
(blank) Matteley vid
Thomas Shelmerdyne
Johes Hankinson sen
Johes Hankinson jun
Isabell Robinson
Willus Kelsall
Edrus Woodall

Radus Holme

Johis Ferneley
Roger Reddish p. Thom Lingarte pl

Johes Fallowes
Hugo Browne
Humfrid Davenporte
Willus Moreton
Hugo Stubbes
Regmold Cash
Willus Bolshawe
Timothye Robinson
Samuel Primeston
Thomas Hollinworth
Radus Barrett
Johes Bennet
Carol Willimson
Rand Hobson
Galfrid Alcocke
Robte Alcocke

..nilibt qui non conpmt xxe die maij foriss iijd vjo Junis vjd xjo Julij xijd viijo August ijs vo Septembr iiijs iijo Octobr viijs

Page 1- front

Thomas Passe
Hugo Stubbes

Robtus Downes pl. Ricus Newton
Edrus Skellerne

Sawther Dawson
Johes Chitem
Johes Birtles gen
Thomas Swettenham gen
Johes Cheetam
Humfrid Cash pl. Ric Newton
Benedick Bathowe junr pl. Ric. Newton
Randle Danyell
Edrus Clarke pl. Thomas Clarke
Jacobus Fitton
Galfrid Litton pl. Johes Swinton
Edrus Mottram
Edrus Henshawe
Willus Mottram
Lawrence Plante
Humfrid Bower pl. Thos Lingarde
Edrus Oldham
Wilus Fynney
Johes Cheetam
Johes Cheetam
Humfrid Cash pl. Ric Heaton

Page 1 - back

Ricus Oldham
Georgius Leigh
Thomas Gattley de Alderley

Edrus Brodhurst
Johes Swales
Thomas Spencer

Bollen Fee
Willus Ward gen
Johes Ryle
Rand Barber
Radus Newton Coinyint
Johes Ryle de Plumley
Thomas Preston
Johes Kelsall de Cheadhull pl. Jas Kelsall gen
Johe Ryle de Willmeslowe pl. Thos Clarke
Radus Barret
Adam Pyke
George Barrett pl. Richd Newton
Willus Barber pl. Thomas Clarke
Larenc Harding pl. Richard Newton
Willus Hammet
Richard Newton
Richard Newton jun
Thomas Clarke pl. Thos Lingarte
Johes Warburton
Thomas Hollinworth

The above material is Crown Copyright and is reproduced with the permission of the Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office.


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