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North Cheshire Family Historian

Copyholders Deceased Within the Forrest of Macclesfield
(Covering letter)

TO MR JONATHAN HOWLEY of the One House in Ranow

Mr Howley

Herewith I send you a List of such Copyholders as have dyed in ye year 1694 or very lately before then, & continually over since till now, as far as have come to my knowledge, wch I pray you take & shew to Mr Houghton, who hath pmsed his endeavours that he'll assist you, that the heires of such (as have not been already admitted Tenants in ye Copyhold Court) shall be legally summend in to their admittances, & that such as refuse or neglect may be legally psecuted agt: I pray you adde to this List any that you know or can understand is admitted, I am sory I saw you not at Maccl: on Monday ye 9th instant, the shortness of ye day & bad weather hastend me home, who am

Yours to serve you

J Hussey

Peover 21 Decemb: 1706

[Transcriber's note:- all gaps denote blanks on original pages]


In or about Anno 1694
William Swindells of Ranow Low
Edward Downes Esq
James Higginbotham of Sutton
           Broadhurst of Wincle widow

Anne Swindells Spinst, for the Drovehay in Sutton
Tho: Hough of Macclesfield (an Infant) for land called Edesbury in Ranow
Tho: Low of ye Marsh in Ranow
Francis Stevenson of Ranow
Mrs Anney Booth of Macclesfield widow
Mrs Anne Booth widow
Mrs Worth of Tidderington
Tho: Bollington of Macclesfield (asselo dese)

Tho: Slack of Sutton
Robt Burgh of Hawkeslegh in Wincle
Willm Swindells of Ranow (a minor)
John Taylor of Bollington Crosse

Willm Slater of Kettleshulme
         Jackson of Bollington widow
Elizabeth Mottershead of Macclesfield widow, for ye Ridghill in Sutton
Mary Barber, Relict of John Pownall of Bollington
Rich: Normansell de Ovenhouse in Bollington
Mrs Tho: Bowden of Marple

Wm Trafford of Swithamley Esq
Edwd Turner of Bollington
Francis Broadhurst de ead
Eliz: Howley of Warford wid for land in Ranow
James Cherry of Macclesfield for land in Bollington
James Heys of Sutton
Henry Plant of Wincle
Willm Leather of Distley
Edward Bateman sen of Sutton
Mrs Wainwright as widow of Alderman Edwd Johnson of Macclesfield
The wife of Samll Thornley as daught. of the said Edwd Johnson
              Hollinshead who dyed at Wiggan & was Landlord to Francis Hough of Ranow
Willm Bower of Ranow

John (Son of Sampson) Broadbury of Wincle
Edward Walker of Ranow
Tho: Pickford of Kettleshulme
Jasper Howley de Onehouse in Ranow
Henry Mainwaring of Macclesfield for land in Sutton
Robert Pott of Ranow
Roger Broadhurst of Sutton
Thomasin Clayton of Kettleshulme
Tho: Callington of Hurdesfield
James Gatskell of Pott Shrigley
          widow of Tho: Clarke of Ranow
Edwd Gandey de Gate in Gausworth for land in Sutton
John Ely of Kettleshulme
Raph Oakes de Horleyhey in Salterford

Francis Pott of Ranow
Wllm Bollington de Windywayhead in Ranow
Jo.n Jackson sen of Hurdesfield
Diana Shrigley of Bollington widow
Edwd Blagge for land in Hurdesfield
Thomas Eccles of Ranow
James Hulme of Wincle
John Armitt of Wincle
John (son of John) Broadhurst of Hurdesfield

Mrs James Sherwin of Macclesfield
John Broont of Staffordshire, for land in Ranow
Edmund Pott of Kettleshulme
Nicholas Heys of Ranow
            Ridgway widow for land in Sutton 20 yrs agoe
Peter Orme of Ranow
Syleme wife of John Glegge of Tranmere for land in Sutton
John Bennett for a Cottage in Sutton
Elizabeth Hulme of Wincle

John Clowes of Wincle
Anne Worthington of Ranow pond?
Edward Page of Bollington
Richard Broster de ead

Mr George Stonehewer of Barlowford
Francis Blakewell of Ranow
John Barlow of Bollington
Thomas Moore of Distley
Elizabeth Tompson of Ranow
        Goodwin of        near Leek for land in Sutton
Thomas Legh of Ridge Esq
George Barnes of Adlington for land in Kettleshulme
Richard Warren of Crouchyard in Macclesfield forrest
Elizabeth Pott of Ranow widow

Roger Gatskill of Ranow
Wm Higginbotham of Distley
Wm Row of Kettleshulme
John Jackson of Hurdesfield
        wife of Geo: Greaves of Sutton as widow of Rogr Broadhurst of Lee in Sutton
        wife of        Howarth of        in Lancashire, as widow of Mr Willm Stonehewer of Barlowford
Hugh Butler of Sutton
        Row of Kettleshulme widow
Tho: Gatskill of Bollington

Thomas Gatskill of Ranow
Tho: Pickford of Nether Hulme

Transcribed from the Bromley Davenport Collection, Box K Bundle G. Reproduced by courtesy of the Director and University Librarian, the John Rylands University of Manchester.

R Hulley
February 1997


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