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Wills - Prerogative Court of York


Wills and Administrations 1731-1858


A Administration
A de bon non ad Administration of goods not administered under a previous grant
Inf(ra) Below
rpt Respited (i.e. delay allowed before the production of an inventory or estate)
T Testament (i.e. Will)
Tuon Curon Tuition/Curaton (granted when children of deceased are under 21)
ul(tra) Above

* death registered on GRO indexes

Date Name Place Type
1731 Jan Hulley Humphredi de Malham, Craven T ul 40
1733 Jul Halley Thomas of Cleckheaton T ul 40
1735 Mar Hullay Agnes of Long Preston T rp
1736 Sep Ulley Abraham of Heptonstall T ul 40
1737 Nov Hooley Henry of Stapleford Com : Nott T ul 40
1741 Jul Hullough Ann of Hunslet P. Leeds T rp
1742 Aug Halley Michael of Pontefract A rp
1742 Sep Halley Wm of P. of St Michael Spurriergate York A inf 5
1743 May Halley Francis of Pontefract A eu T rp
1747 Apr Halley Benjamin of Bubwith A ut
1747 Jun Hooley Abraham of Thursholand (? Thurgoland) p. Kirkburton A ut
1749 Halley William Milburn p. Thornton W
1755 Apr Halley Joshua of N. Shields C. Northumberland Prerog A rpt
1755 Jun Halley Philip of Aughton p. Aston T rpt
1756 Jun Halley Robert of Bubwith T rpt
1757 Apr Hooley John of Stapleford c. Notts T ul --
1757 Oct Halley Matthew of Bolton Percy Prerog 2 rpt
1763 Jun Halley George of Pontefract A rpt
1766 Dec Haley Edmund of Cleck Heaton p. Birstal 2 rpt
1767 Jan Hayley John of Cleck Heaton p. Halifax A rpt
1767 Jan Hayley Thomas of Ovenden p. Halifax A rpt
1773 Mar Hulley Exercise of Wortley Ch. of Ardusley A de bon non ad
1773 Jun Halley Edward of Aughton p. Aston 2 inf 40
1775 Jun Hooley Robert of Normanton p.Plumtree L. Ilott 2 inf 40
1778 Feb Hooley Ralph of Stonewell p. Kirklevington Prerog 2 rpt
1778 Jul Hooley Henry of Tollerton p. Notts A rpt
1780 Sep Hooley Thomas of p. of Popplewich C. Notts T ul 40
1784 Nov Halley George of Bubwich Gen T ul 100
1786 Halley William Pocklington A
1789 Jun Halley John of Aughton T ul 100
1789 Aug Halley Esther of Pontefract Widow T ul 40
1790 Apr Halley Sarah of the C. of York Spinster Prerog T ul 40
1790 Aug Hulley Margaret of Bellhill p. Rothwell Widow T ul 40
1792 May Halley George of Bubwith Ac T ul 40
1792 May Halley Jane a minor the natl. etc. of s.d. George Halley Tu on
1793 May Halley Francis of Pontefract T ul 40
1795 Dec Halley George of Bubwith A de bon non T ul 100
1797 Jan Halley Dorothy of Monkhill p. Pontefract Widow T ul 100
1797 Jan Halley Michael of Same Gen. A ul 100
1800 Jun Halley John of Scarborough esquire t ul 600
1809 Halley Thomas Milburn P. Thornton W
1809 Feb Haley Robert of Hinsworth P. Birstal W under 100
1809?Nov Hally Rev. George of York D.D. Prerog Ad de bon non
1810?Occt Halley Mary of Scarborough Widow ?
1811?Jan Halley Francis Christian of Pontefract A 20
1811?Jun Hayley Thomas of Thornhill T 20
1814?May Halley William of Hull T 20
1815?Apr Hooley Ann of P. Nutall Notts T 30
1819?Mar Hayley Michael of Halifax A 20
1819?Sep Haley George of Liversedge P. Birstal T 60
1821 Dec Haley John of Littletown P. Birstal A 50
1826 Oct Hooley Samuel Cutlew of Nottingham T10
1827 Oct Halley George of Burn Prerog T 450
1828 Oct Halley William Paul heretofore of Masboro' P. Rotherham but late of Liverpool C. Lancs Prerog A 20
1830 Jan Haley Joseph of Wike P. Birstal T 100
1836 May Hullay Francis the elder of Copmanthorpe Prerog T 100
1837 Feb Haley James of Ovenden Wood P. Halifax Prerog T c Co of 450
1837 Mar Ulley Francis of Sheffield T 800
1837 Jul Haley Elizabeth of Hunsworth p. of Birstal Spr. T 100
1837 Jul Halley William the elder of p. Sculcoates Prerog A 300
1837 Jul Haley Sarah of Horton p. Bradford A 300
1837 Dec Haley George of Hunsworth p. Birstal T 200
1838 May * Hulley John of Ecclesall Bierlow P. Sheffield T 200
1840 Mar Halley George of Rawmarsh Prerog T 200
1840 Mar Halley Williamson of Liverpool Lancs Prerog A 200
1845 Sep Halley Edmund of Todwick Common P. Todwick Prerog T 450
1845 Sep Halley Edmund Farmer of Todwick Common Prob Reg 212A Sp F.199V
1846 Sep Haley John of Northowram P. Halifax T 3000
1847 Apr Haley Isaac of Bramley P. Leeds T 200
1847 Apr Haley John of Leeds A 20
1847 Apr Haley Joseph of Ovenden P. Halifax A 200
1848 Jan Haley Edward of Bramley P. Leeds T 200
1849 Jul Halley Lydia of Rotherham Spr. Prerog A 200
1850 Jul Haley Samuel of Pudsey P. Calverley a Bachr. Prerog A 50
1853 May Halley Benjamin the Elder of Bubwith Co. York Prerog T 100
1853 Sep Hooley Mary of Radford Co. Nottingham Spr. T 300
1853 Sep Haley John of Bradford Co. York T 100
1855 Mar Hooley Thomas of Wilford Co. Nottingham A 200
1856 Aug Haley John of Rickershaw Lane Pudsey P. Calverley T Codicil 200
1857 May Halley Benjamin Leonard of Ryther T 1500
1857 Sep Haley John Spence of Bramley P. Leeds Prerog A 200
1857 Dec Haley William of Leeds Prerog t 200
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