Macclesfield Forest
1611 Survey of Macclesfield Manor and Forest

(The National Archives reference LR 2/200)


Name Index - B

Ref. Surname First Name Location
23 Backster Francis Sutton
24 Bancrofte Henrie Marpull
25 Barber Widow Tyderington
26 Barber the yonger John Tyderington
27 Barlow Edward Upton
28 Barlow Richard Wincle
29 Barnes George Marpull
30 Bateman James Sutton
31 Bateman Phillipp Sutton
32 Bateman Philipp Sutton
33 Baxter France Sutton
34 Bennet John Taxall
35 Bennett John Taxall
36 Bennett William Bosley
37 Bennett Willm Taxall
38 Bennett Reginald Wayley
39 Bennett William Wayley
40 Bennett Leonard Wayley
41 Bennett Nicholas Sutton
42 Bennett Randall Waylie
43 Beswicke Widowe Sutton
44 Beywicke Richard Sutton
45 Beywicke Ellin Sutton
46 Birchinhough Lxpapher Wincle
47 Birchinhough  Richard  Wild Bore Clough
48 Blackewalle Ottiwell Disley Stanley
49 Booth William Hurdesfield
50 Bordeman Robte Sutton
51 Both John Marpull
52 Bower William Ranowe
53 Bradshawe Henrie Marpull
54 Bradshawe Edward Bollington
55 Bradshawe Richard Sutton
56 Bradshawe Richard Sutton
57 Bradshawe Richard Sutton
58 Bradshawe of Marple Henry Marple
59 Brancrofte John Waylie
60 Brereton  William Winckle
61 Brereton Esq. deceased Heyres of William Bosden
62 Broadhurst Frauncis  
63 Broadhurst Widowe Ranowe
64 Broadhurst Frances Sutton
65 Broadhurst William Sutton
66 Broadhurst Frances Sutton
67 Broadhurst John Sutton
68 Broadhurst William Sutton
69 Broadhurst Katherin Bollington
70 Broadhurst Andrewe Ranow
71 Broadhurste John Sutton
72 Brodehurst John Sutton
73 Brodhurst John Sutton
74 Brodhurst John Sutton
75 Brodhurst Frances Sutton
76 Brodhurst Margerie Sutton
77 Brodhurst of Symondley (1) John Sutton
78 Brodhurst of Symondley (2) John Sutton
79 Brodhurst of Symonley (3) John Sutton
80 Brondrett Edward Bollington
81 Brooke Georg Foxwist & Botley
82 Brooke William Wayley
83 Broster Roger Macclesfield Forest
84 Broughe  Edmund   Wild Bore Clough
85 Brounte John Saltersford
86 Brouster Edward Ranow
87 Browne  Richard  Wild Bore Clough
88 Browne  Thomas Sutton & Wincle
89 Browne  Thomas Macclesfield Forest
90 Brownefield George Sutton
91 Browster Edward Ranowe
92 Brundrett John Sutton
93 Bryan Reginald Pott Shrigley
94 Bullocke James Marpull
95 Burdsell John Marpull
96 Burges Wydow Alice Hurdesfield
97 Byron Thomas Hurdesfield
98 Byron Richard Sutton
99 Byron Christopher Hurdesfield

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