Macclesfield Forest
1611 Survey of Macclesfield Manor and Forest

(The National Archives reference LR 2/200)


Name Index - D

Ref. Surname First Name Location
130 Dale James Marpull
131 Dale Edward Bollington
132 Dale  John Bollington
133 Dale  Frances Bollington
134 Damport John Botley
135 Dande John Marpull
136 Danyell Roger Marpull
137 Davenport  Marie Sutton
138 Davenport  Humphrey Sutton
139 Davenport Esq Humphrey Sutton
140 Davenport Esq Humphrey Disley
141 Davenport Esq Arthur Ranowe
142 Davenport Esq Humphrey Sutton
143 Davenport Esq. Humphrey Sutton
144 Davenport Esq. Humphrey Ranowe
145 Davenport Kt. Sir William Upton
146 Davenport Kt. Sir William Upton
147 Davenport of Calveley Arthur Ranowe
148 Daye George Hurdesfield
149 Daye John Hurdesfield
150 Daye George Hurdesfield
151 Daye als Oldfield John Hurdesfield
152 Daye als Oldfield Georg Hurdesfield
153 Deane Thomas  
154 Deane Roger Sutton
155 Deane Thomas Sutton
156 Deane Reginald Ranow
157 Dey John Sutton
158 Dey als Oldfield Georg Hurdesfield
159 Dixon Roger Pott Shrigley
160 Doson Edward Sutton & Winckle
161 Downes Thomas Pott Shrigley
162 Downes Edward Bosley
163 Downes John Taxall
164 Downes Peeter Taxall
165 Downes Mr Lawrence Bollington
166 Downes Lawrence Pott Shrigley
167 Downes Edward Waylie
168 Downes Edward Waylie
169 Downes Esq. Lawrence Poynton
170 Downes Esq. Lawrence Pott Shrigley
171 Downes Esq. Roger Pott Shrigley
172 Downes Wydowe Anne Taxall
173 Downes Wydowe Elizabeth Downes in Sutton
174 Dowson John Sutton
175 Duncalf Thomas Foxwist & Botley
176 Duncalf Henry Foxwist & Botley

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