Macclesfield Forest
1611 Survey of Macclesfield Manor and Forest

(The National Archives reference LR 2/200)


Name Index - P

Ref. Surname First Name Location
478 Page Edward Bollington
479 Page Edward Bollington
480 Pawnall Widowe Wincle
481 Pickford Anthonye Disley
482 Pickford Reynold Disley
483 Pickford Edmund Disley
484 Pickford John Kettlesholme
485 Pickford widowe Margarett Kettlesholme
486 Plant John Tyderington
487 Plant Henrie Winckle
488 Pott Lawrence  
489 Pott Widowe Bollington
490 Pott John Saltersford
491 Pott Henry Ranowe
492 Pott John Ranowe
493 Pott Henrie Hurdesfield
494 Pott Henrie Macclesfield Forest
495 Pott Roger Hurdesfield
496 Pott Thomas Ranowe
497 Pott John Sutton
498 Pott Rauffe Ranow
499 Pott John Ranow
500 Pott Lawrence Ranow
501 Pott Roger Ranow
502 Pott John Bollington
503 Pott Thomas Bollington
504 Pott Frances Pott Shrigley
505 Pott Frances Pott Shrigley & Bollington 
506 Pott John Kettlesholme
507 Pott Francis Various
508 Pott  Thomas Bollington
509 Pott  Peter Ranow
510 Pott deceased Roger Hurdesfield
511 Pott Gent Francis  
512 Pott Gent George Kettlesholme
513 Pott gent John Sutton
514 Pott gent John Kettlesholme
515 Pott gent. Frances Pott Shrigley
516 Pott gent. John Ranow
517 Potter Raph Upton
518 Potts John Ranowe
519 Pownall John Taxall
520 Pownall James Wayley
521 Pownall John Bollington
522 Pownall widowe Elizabeth  

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