Macclesfield Forest
1611 Survey of Macclesfield Manor and Forest

(The National Archives reference LR 2/200)


Name Index - H

Ref Surname First Name Location
243 Hadfield Edward Wayley
244 Hall William Sutton
245 Hall John Sutton
246 Halliwell John Macclesfield Forest
247 Hallowes  Widowe  Wild Bore Clough
248 Hardinge Edward  
249 Hardinge Roger Sutton
250 Harrop  John Pott Shrigley
251 Harropp  Marcus  Wild Bore Clough
252 Harropp  Robert Wild Bore Clough
253 Hartles William Bollington
254 Hatton The late Wyfe Sutton
255 Hatton John Disley
256 Hatton Edward Sutton
257 Hatton Elizabeth Sutton
258 Hatton deceased Thomas Disley
259 Hatton Kt. Sir Christopher North Rode
260 Hayd Esq Robert Norbury
261 Hayward Reginald Hurdesfield
262 Heggenbotham Joane Disley
263 Heginbotham Otywell Marpull
264 Heginbotham Robert Marpull
265 Heginbotham John Marpull
266 Heginbotham Nicholas Marpull
267 Heginbotham John Marpull
268 Heginbotham Olyver Marpull
269 Heginbotham Ann Sutton
270 Heginbotham Henry Sutton
271 Heginbotham James Sutton
272 Heginbotham Emme Sutton
273 Heginbotham Edward Disley
274 Heginbotham Roger Sutton
275 Heginbotham Owen Sutton
276 Heginbotham John Sutton
277 Heginbotham Thomas Disley Stanley
278 Heginbotham Robert Disley Stanley
279 Heginbotham Junior Georg Marpull
280 Heginbotham tannr Otywell Marpull
281 Herned?   Roger  Wild Bore Clough
282 Hey Peeter Sutton & Wincle
283 Hey Peter Sutton
284 Hey  Alice Sutton
285 Hibberte Thomas Marpull
286 Higginbothom Hugh Wincle
287 Higginbothom Thomas Disley Stanley
288 Higginbothom George Disley Stanley
289 Higginbothom Hugh Sutton & Wincle
290 Higginbottom   Thomas Wild Bore Clough
291 Higham Robert Sutton
292 Hill (Clarke) Richard Kettlesholme
293 Holey George Pott Shrigley
294 Holland Raph Hurdesfield
295 Holland Esq Richard  Wild Bore Clough
296 Hollingshead Regnold Saltersford
297 Hollinshead John Sutton
298 Hollinshead John Ranow
299 Hollinshead Peeter Kettlesholme
300 Hollywell als Barbos. John Ranowe
301 Holme John Wincle
302 Holmes Robert Pott Shrigley
303 Hooley Ellin Sutton
304 Hooley Lawrence Ranow
305 Hordern Humfray Sutton
306 Horderne Hugh Wyncle
307 Hordron Humphrey Sutton
308 Hough Frances Ranow
309 Houley Widdowe Sutton
310 Howley Lawrence Ranowe
311 Hurdsfield Thomas Ranow
312 Hutchinson John Sutton & Winckle
313 Hyde Hamnet Wild Bore Clough
314 Hyde Esq Robert Wild Bore Clough
315 Hyde Esq. Robert Norbury
316 Hyginbothom of Marple Nicholas Marple

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Name Index - initial letters

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