Macclesfield Forest
1611 Survey of Macclesfield Manor and Forest

(The National Archives reference LR 2/200)


Name Index - O

Ref. Surname First Name Location
458 Oldfield Reynold Sutton & Wincle
459 Oldfield John Sutton
460 Oldfield Roger Sutton
461 Oldfield John Sutton
462 Oldfield Ro. Sutton
463 Oldfield Thomas Hurdesfield
464 Oldfield Roger Sutton
465 Oldfield Reginald Sutton
466 Oldfield Richard Sutton & Winckle
467 Oldfield Thomas Hurdesfield
468 Oldham Richard Bollington
469 Olrenshaw John  Taxall
470 Olyver Rondle Marpull
471 Orme Edmund Ranowe
472 Orme Thomas Ranowe
473 Osbosson  John  Wild Bore Clough
474 Ouldfield Thomas Hurdesfield
475 Outfield Rauffe Wincle
476 Outfield Regnold Wincle
477 Outfield Rauffe Sutton & Wincle

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