Macclesfield Forest
1611 Survey of Macclesfield Manor and Forest

(The National Archives reference LR 2/200)


Name Index - U, W, Y

Ref. Surname First Name Location
646 Unwin Lawrence Pott Shrigley
647 Walton Ann Sutton
648 Ward William Pott Shrigley
649 Ward William Pott Shrigley
650 Ward Gent John Sutton
651 Warde Robert Pott Shrigley
652 Warington Leonard Taxall
653 Warren Esq. John Poynton
654 Warren Esq. John Poynton
655 Warren gent Richard Sutton
656 Warren of Poynton John Marpull
657 Warrington John Wayley
658 Warrington Edward Wayley
659 Warrington Edward Sutton
660 Warrington Edward Waylie
661 Warrington John Waylie
662 Warrington Ellen Waylie
663 Watson Roger Ranowe
664 Wattson  Christopher Wild Bore Clough
665 Waynewright Humfray Kettlesholme
666 Waynwright als Turner Richard Disley
667 Wheeldon Nicholas Sutton
668 Whitaker William Sutton
669 Whytley Robert Ranowe
670 Wich Raph Marpull
671 Widdowes Thomas Pott Shrigley
672 Wilkinson George Wincle
673 Willson Phillipp Kettlesholme
674 Wilson Reynold Kettlesholme
675 Wilson Myles Kettlesholme
676 Wilson Phillipp Kettlesholme
677 Wilson Phillipp Kettlesholme
678 Wood Georg Marpull
679 Woode Widowe Sutton
680 Worrall Henry Saltersford
681 Worth Jasper Disley
682 Worth Esq. Jasper Tytherington
683 Worth Esq. Jasper Ranowe
684 Worth Esq. Jasper Tyderington
685 Worth Esq. Jasper Tyderington
686 Worth Esq. Jasper Tyderington
687 Worth Esq. Jasper Tyderington
688 Worth Esq. Jasper  
689 Worth of Tyderington Jasper Hurdesfield
690 Worthington Richard Ranow & Hurdesfield
691 Wright Lawrence Winckle in Sutton
692 Wych Thomas Marpull
693 Wyld John Disley
694 Wyld Edmund Disley
695 Wyld Richard Disley
696 Wylde Jeffrey Disley
697 Yerneshawe William Wayley
698 Yonge John Waylie
699 Yonge John Wayley
700 Younge John Kettlesholme

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Name Index - initial letters

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