Macclesfield Forest
1611 Survey of Macclesfield Manor and Forest

(The National Archives reference LR 2/200)


Name Index - S

Ref. Surname First Name Location
538 Salter John Saltersford
539 Savage Kt Baronet Sir John Sutton cum Winckle
540 Savage Kt. Sir John Sutton
541 Savage Kt. Sir John Sutton
542 Shalcrosse John Kettlesholme
543 Sherle Richard Disley
544 Sherman Richard Sutton
545 Shert Olliver Pott Shrigley
546 Shert William Disley
547 Shert Gent John Disley
548 Shetwall Joane Bollington
549 Shetwall Joane Bollington
550 Shirte Gent. John Disley
551 Shore Elizabeth Hurdesfield
552 Shore Thomas Hurdesfield
553 Shore Wydowe Helen Ranowe
554 Shower Thomas Ranow
555 Shrigley John  
556 Shrigley Thomas  
557 Shrigley Thomas  
558 Shrigley John Buttley
559 Shrigley Thomas Hurdesfield
560 Shrigley John Sutton
561 Shrigley Thomas Sutton
562 Shrigley Thomas Ranow & Hurdesfield
563 Shrigley John Bollington
564 Shrigley John Bollington
565 Shrigley Reginald Ranow
566 Shrigley Thomas Ranow
567 Shrigley gent Thomas Pott Shrigley
568 Simpson Olyver Pott Shrigley
569 Singleton Thomas Pott Shrigley
570 Singleton Esq Thomas Pott Shrigley
571 Smaley Richard Pott Shrigley
572 Smethurst John  
573 Smyth Edward Disley
574 Smyth Lomas Sutton
575 Smythe John Pott Shrigley
576 Snelson John Sutton
577 Stanley Robert  
578 Stanley Robert Disley
579 Stanley William Disley Stanley
580 Stanley Thomas Ranow
581 Stanley Robert Disley Stanley
582 Stanley William Disley Stanley
583 Stapleton gent. Thomas Upton
584 Stapleton gent. Thomas Upton
585 Stapleton gent. Thomas Upton
586 Stapleton gent. Thomas Upton
587 Stephenson Thomas Ranowe
588 Stephenson John Ranow
589 Stoddert wydowe Eliz. Sutton
590 Stonehewer William  
591 Stonehouse William Sutton & Winckle
592 Sutton Richard  
593 Sutton Richard Wincle
594 Sutton William Wincle
595 Sutton John Disley
596 Sutton Richard Sutton & Winckle
597 Sutton Rauffe Sutton & Winckle
598 Sutton deceased Richard Sutton
599 Sutton gent Edward Sutton
600 Swetenham Edmund Sutton
601 Swetenham Edmund Bollington
602 Swetenham gent Edmund Various
603 Swettenham gent Edmund  
604 Swimson Humfray Pott Shrigley
605 Swindells Humphrey
606 Swindells William Disley
607 Swindells George Disley
608 Swindells Thomas Disley Stanley
609 Swindells Henrie Disley Stanley
610 Swindells Phillipp  
611 Swindells Humphrey Disley
612 Swindells Thomas Marpull
613 Swindells John Disley
614 Swindells Humphrey Ranowe
615 Swindells Humphrey Ranowe
616 Swindells William Ranowe
617 Swindells John Disley
618 Swindells Nicholas Disley
619 Swindells William Sutton
620 Swindells William Ranow
621 Swindells Humphrey Ranow
622 Swindells William Ranow
623 Swindsley Thomas Bollington
624 Swinton Joane Wincle
625 Sydbotham John Marpull
626 Sydbotham Thomas Marpull
627 Sydbotham Roberte Marpull
628 Sydbotham Thomas Marpull
629 Sydebotham of Marple Thomas Marple

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Name Index - initial letters

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