Macclesfield Forest
1611 Survey of Macclesfield Manor and Forest

(The National Archives reference LR 2/200)


Name Index - G

Ref. Surname First Name Location
209 Gaitscall Nicholas Pott Shrigley
210 Gaitscall Thomas Pott Shrigley
211 Gardener Raffe  
212 Gardener Rauffe Winckle
213 Gardener Rauffe Ranow
214 Gardner Rauffe Wincle
215 Gaskell Peter Pott Shrigley
216 Gaskell John Kettlesholme
217 Gaskell John Kettlesholme
218 Gaytskayle Anthony Kettlesholme
219 German Hughe Hurdesfield
220 Glossopp Thomas Wild Bore Clough
221 Goddard Olyver Marpull
222 Goddard John Marpull
223 Goslinge Reymald Taxall
224 Goslinge Peeter Taxall
225 Goslinge Reynald Taxall
226 Goslinge Wydowe Taxall
227 Gouldmyre? Raph Bollington
228 Greaves Edmund Sutton
229 Greaves John Sutton
230 Greaves Lawrence Sutton
231 Greaves Frances Sutton
232 Greaves John Sutton
233 Greaves Nicholas Sutton
234 Greaves William Sutton
235 Greene Thomas  
236 Greene Thomas Botley
237 Greene Edward Ranowe
238 Greene Thos Bollington
239 Greene Thomas Sutton
240 Greene Thomas Bollington
241 Greene Edward Ranowe
242 Greves Christopher Winckle

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