Macclesfield Forest
1611 Survey of Macclesfield Manor and Forest

(The National Archives reference LR 2/200)


Name Index - K, L

Ref. Surname First Name Location
365 Knight George Bollington
366 Knight George Bollington
367 Latham Roger Saltersford
368 Latham John Sutton
369 Latham William Sutton
370 Latham Lawrence Sutton
371 Latham Edward Ranow
372 Latham wydowe Eitylie? Sutton
373 Lathom John Downes in Sutton
374 Legh Sir Urian Botley
375 Legh  Sir Peter Disley
376 Legh  Sir Peter Pott Shrigley
377 Legh  Esq Peter  
378 Legh Esq Peter Various
379 Legh Esq Peter Sutton
380 Legh Kt. Sir Urian Adlington
381 Legh Kt. Sir Urian Bollington
382 Legh Kt. Sir Peter Lyme Hanley
383 Legh Kt. Sir Peter Disley
384 Legh Kt. Sir Peter Wayley
385 Legh Kt. Sir Peter Sutton
386 Legh Kt. Sir Peter Macclesfield
387 Legh Kt. Sir Peter Marpull
388 Legh Kt. Sir Peter Norbury
389 Legh Kt. Sir Peter Disley
390 Legh Kt. Sir Uryan  
391 Legh the Elder Robert Adlington
392 Leigh Kt. Sir Urian Butley
393 Leigh Kt. Sir Urian Bollington
394 Leigh Kt. Sir Urian Adlington
395 Leigh Kt. Peter Lyme
396 Leigh Kt. Peter Sutton
397 Leigh Kt. Peter Disley
398 Leigh Kt. Sir Peter Wayley
399 Leigh Kt. Sir Peter Various
400 Leigh of the Boothes Esq. William Torkinton
401 Leigh of the Ridge Esq. Peter Sutton & Wyncle
402 Lester  Thomas Wild Bore Clough
403 Linney William Foxwist & Botley
404 Lockwood Randle Pott Shrigley
405 Lomas   William  Wild Bore Clough
406 Lombard John Sutton
407 Lovatt John Sutton
408 Lovesley Thomas Ranow
409 Lowe Richard Sutton
410 Lowe Christopher Marpull
411 Lowe Thomas Sutton
412 Lowe Edward Ranow
413 Lowe Edward Ranow
414 Lowe John Ranow
415 Lowe John Ranow
416 Lowe  John  
417 Lowe  Richard Sutton
418 Lowe the younger John Ranow
419 Lowndes John Sutton
420 Lyvesey George Sutton
421 Lyvesley John Sutton
422 Lyvesley George Sutton

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Name Index - initial letters

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