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Aust01 - Descendants of Edward Hulley baptised at Eyam in Derbyshire on 24 April 1796

Second Generation

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3. Charles Edward Hulley (Edward ) was christened 1 on 16 Apr 1820 in Eckington, Derbyshire. He died 2 on 1 May 1887 in Thornton, Victoria, Australia. He was buried 3 on 2 May 1887 in Alexandra cemetery, Victoria.


Charles married Sarah Roberts unknown. Sarah was born 1 on 18 Mar 1846 in Little Brighton, Victoria. She was christened on 4 Aug 1846 in Brighton, Victoria. She died on 19 Nov 1937 in Fairfield, Victoria,. She was buried on 20 Nov 1937 in Coburg cemetery, Victoria.


They had the following children:

  9 F i Mary Hulley was born on 3 Dec 1863 in Diamond Creek, Victoria. She died on 20 Oct 1894 in Alexandra Hospital, Vic.. She was buried on 20 Oct 1894 in Alexandra, Cemetry, Victoria. [Notes]
+ 10 F ii Caroline Hulley
  11 F iii Ann Emily Hulley was born in 1866 in Upper Plenty, Vic. [Notes]
        Ann married ...... Harris.
  12 M iv Charles Edward Hulley was born in 1868 in Darlingford, Victoria. He died on 5 Jul 1942 in Footscray, Victoria. He was buried on 6 Jul 1942 in Footscray cemetery, Victoria. [Notes]
        Charles married Charlotte May Fairbairn [Judd] in 1922 in Yass, N.S.W. Charlotte was born in 1877. She died in 1943 in Footscray, Victoria. [Notes]
+ 13 F v Eliza Ellen Hulley
+ 14 M vi George Gammon Hulley
  15 F vii Margaret Lilly Hulley was born in 1874 in Thornton, Victoria. She died on 28 Mar 1950 in South Australia. [Notes]
        Margaret married John Francis Harris on 11 Dec 1894 in Melbourne, Vic. John was born on 21 Jul 1867 in Woodside, South Australia. He died on 14 Aug 1936 in South Australia. [Notes]
+ 16 M viii David Ellis Hulley
+ 17 F ix Esther Hannah Hulley
+ 18 M x Joseph Walter Hulley
  19 M xi William Thomas Hulley was born 1 in Aug 1884 in Alexandra, Victoria. He died on 14 Aug 1924 in Warragul, Victoria. He was buried on 15 Aug 1924 in Trafalgar Cemetry, Victoria. [Notes]
        William married Esther Jannese in 1921. Esther was born in 1897 in Corryong, Victoria.. She died in 1973 in Melbourne, Victoria. [Notes]
+ 20 F xii Rose Eleanor Hulley
+ 21 M xiii John Frederick Hulley

6. Ellis Hulley (Edward ) was born on 4 Jan 1827 in Eckington, Derbyshire, England. He was christened on 29 Jan 1843 in Ridgeway, Derbyshire, England. He died on 3 Aug 1895 in Ridgeway, Derbyshire, England.

Ellis married Eliza ....... Eliza was born in 1829 in Hansworth, Yorkshire.

They had the following children:

+ 22 M i James Hulley
  23 F ii Hannah Hulley was born on 3 Jun 1851 in Ridgeway, Derbyshire, England.
+ 24 F iii Eliza Hulley
+ 25 M iv Ellis Hulley
  26 M v Edward Hulley was born in 1864 in Eckington, Derbyshire, England.
        Edward married Beatrice Ward on 14 Jun 1886 in Ridgeway, Derbyshire. Beatrice was born in 1865.
  27 F vi Martha Hulley was born in 1870 in Eckington, Derbyshire.
        Martha married Archibold Sydney Cockcroft on 19 Jan 1893 in Ridgeway, Derbyshire. Archibold was born in 1869 in Rishworth Hall, Yorkshire.

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