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Ches02 - Descendants of William Hooley who was born (at Tidderington?) in 1696

This family tree starts with the birth of William Hooley in 1696. It is likely that he is a descendant of the One House family because the baptisms of his 8 children state that William lived in Tidderington from at least 1724 and this location had other Hulley names associated with it before this date. For example John Hulley who was baptised in 1590 at Macclesfield lived at Tiderington (sic) in 1628 and his first 3 children - John who died in 1622, Jasper baptised 1625 and John baptised 1630 - were all born at Tidderington. Jasper went on to succeed his father as heir of The One House, Rainow estate. The 584 persons who form this tree come mainly from the Adlington and Poynton areas, with later ones from Hurdsfield.


May 2020

Ann White (again!) has listed the details of Mary Jane Hooley b.1869 in her activities from her marriage in 1898 to her death in Canada in 1933.

June 2019

Anne White has provided more information on George Hooley born 1875 Manchester and his family. He emigrated to Canada with his family in 1910 and died there in 1954.

April 2019

Further to an enquiry by Anne White, I have added more information to the entry of Thomas Hooley born 1857. He had been married 4 times (!!) but details of his marriage to Lucilla ...... between 1880 and 1891 have not been found. Similarly his marriage to Elizabeth Ann ..... between 03 Mar 1910 and 02 Mar 1911 have not been found. She is listed in the 1911 census as his married housekeeper, which is questionable. If anyone has any information relating to these 2 events, please let me have it.

Further to my request above, Anne White has researched the origins of Thomas Hooley's wives and has discovered that his second wife was called Lucilla Newton born 1864 and died 1891, and his fourth wife was Elizabeth Ann Hill born 1869. These have been added to this FT.


October 2018

The following members of this FT are listed on the Cheshire Marriage Licence Bonds and Allegations 1606-1905

Mary Hooley born 1743
Hannah Hulley/Hooley born 1750
Jane Johnson Hooley born 1807
Thomas Hooley born 1825
John Henry Hooley born 1851

Full details are shown in their Notes.

June 2018

Anne White has provided more details of John William Higginbotham ( also known as Hooley) born 1884, and his marriages to Emma Brookes and Kate Clayton nee Hooley. Descendants of both families have been found on the 1939 Register but those members of each family who were born after 1918 will not be shown on this Family Tree.

August 2017

Anne White has researched the life of William Hooley born 1838 who married Anne Potts in 1868. They had 2 daughters in Cheshire before emigrating to Illinois in 1865 and 1867 respectively. A third daughter was born in Illinois in 1882.

March 2017

The entry for John William Hooley born 1881 in Uttoxeter has been amended. He was baptised at St Peter's church Macclesfield in 1884 John William son of Jane Higginbotham, who later married Thomas Hooley in 1885 at Prestbury. My thanks to Anne White who queried the original entry.

November 2015

My thanks go to Barbara Evans who has provided inportant information about Abraham Hooley b 1828 and his dependants who emigrated to North America in 1850. His son Abraham George is listed in the National Cyclopedia of American Biography and married Fanny Lucy, a daughter of Thomas H. Burridge, an inventor and engineer, of St. Louis, Mo.

October 2015

The following persons shown on this FT have at least one entry from the Find My Past newspaper collection 1725-1901. Details are shown in their Notes: John Hooley b.1826; Thomas Hooley b.1812; Thomas Hooley b.1825; Jonathan Hooley b.1773; Amos Hooley b.1805; Mary Ann Wood b.1799; Samuel Hooley b.1824.

June 2015

Rick Hooley has pointed out an error in this FT, concerning Mary Hooley (b.1743) duaghter of William. She was shown as marrying Samuel Hall in 1766, but the correct Mary who married Samuel is the one in Ches04 who was born in 1744 and died in 1820.

March 2015

Andrew Chadwick has supplied information concerning the descendants of Holland Hooley, who died in suspicious circumstances in 1893. Holland had 4 daughters - Florence May (1880-1929), Charlotte (1882-1953), Alice (1884-1886) and Agnes 1887-1937) but no sons.

January 2014

Two sources of recently published information have been searched for members of this family. The Cheshire Electoral Registers 1842-1900 (1,448 Hulley entries) are now on Find my Past and the Cheshire Tithe Apportionments 1814-1850 (200 Hulley entries) are shown on the Cheshire Archives and Local Studies website. There are 37 persons from this FT included on one or both of the above lists; full details are shown in their Notes.

October 2012

Welcome to Karen Adams of Australia who is a descendant of William Hooley baptised at St Mary's church Bowdon on 20 Aug 1837. Karen has been researching the Australian end of her family tree and hopes to find the date when William came to the country. As a result of Karen's information I have been able to extend the family of William Hooley b. 1791 and Mary Ann Wood b.1799 and their son William b 1837 is related to Karen.

June 2012

Barbara Evans has supplied some useful information about Abraham Hooley who was christened in 1787. She has found his death and burial at Macclesfield in September 1824, and details of his widow Mary's second marriage to William Hooley. Also she has passed to me details of the daughter Sarah Ann's baptism and death. All information has been added to each person's details and their Notes.

September 2011

Following a review of this FT and discussions with Rick Hooley, I have amended it by moving Thomas Hooley b.1769 and all his 70 descendants from being a son of John Hooley b.1724, to being a son of his brother James b.1726. I had realised that Matthew Whalley Hooley b.1841 had been named after his grandfather Matthew Walle Hooley b.1778, who was a descendant of John Hooley b.1724 and not as previously shown, a descendant of James Hooley b.1726.

January 2011

Further additions have been made to this FT - see the name index for details of changes.

September 2010

I have discovered several descendants of James Hooley born 1726 and have added them to the FT. They include David b.1762, his son John b.1791, grandchildren Sarah b.1822 and Samuel b.1824, and Samuel's 4 children Thomas Clarke b.1850, John Henry b.1851, Mary b.1855 and Samuel b.1864.

July 2010

A search of online newsapers has found news items relating to 3 members of this FT - Holland Hooley born 1858, John Hooley born 1861 and Samuel Hooley born 1853.

November 2009

Information relating to Abraham Hooley b1797 contained in an Old Bailey court case dated 1838 has been added to his Notes.

October 2009

Jean Marsden has provided details of the spouse of Hannah Hooley or Hulley born in 1750 who married Joseph Nixon in 1786. They had 5 children. Joseph also appears on the Ches04 family tree with his first wife Hannah Hooley who died in 1779.

August 2009

Further research has been carried out on this FT with the assistance of Pat Robertson, Julie Kimpton and Rick Hooley. Additions include children of Hugh Hooley and Alice (nee Howarth) - Hugh Hooley Jnr bap.1784, Matthew Walle Hooley bap.1778, and James Hooley bap. 1782; the descendants of Hugh Hooley junr b.1854; and Noah Hooley b.1851 who emigrated to the US in 1898 and whose stories about his early life have been written by James Hooley b.1913 his grandson, a local Stockport historian. Details are shown on

The descendants of Hannah Hooley or Hulley b.1753 are now continued on the Ches14 FT.

May 2009

Thanks to Darren Hooley, I have corrected an error in this FT. Darren has a death certificate for Hannah Hooley or Hulley born 1753, died 1849. I had previously shown a Matthew born 1760 as the ancestor of this line but Darren's research has proved the correct link.

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