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SouthAfrica02 - Descendants of Arderne Hulley born 1836 at Rainow, Cheshire

This family tree is a continuation of the Cheshire 01 FT and commences with the 1836 birth in Cheshire of Arderne, son of Jasper Hulley of the One House in Rainow, near Macclesfield. This was a very long-founded family of landowners in Cheshire whose genealogy has been taken back to before 1488. The One House history has been traced back to c1166.

Arderne joined the Merchant Navy in c1853 and travelled around the world, according to family papers visiting such places as India, Australia, China and possibly Japan. Some time in the 1850-1860 period he settled in South Africa and eventually married in 1867 Fanny Cecilia Alberta Clarence, a daughter of the High Sheriff of Natal.

This tree has a different DNA specification to that of the South Africa 01 FT, which is a continuation of the Yorkshire 01 FT on this website.


February 2016

The following member of this FT is listed in the Freemason Membership Registers: Arthur Henry Booth Hulley 1883-1918. Details of the entry are shown in his Notes.

February 2016

I have researched the on-line records of the National Archives of South Africa (NASA) for entries associated with members of this Family Tree and have added a total of 45 entries to the Notes of Arderne Hulley, Jasper Done Clarence Hulley and Arthur Henry Booth Hulley.

These entries consist of a general description of the contents, not the full details. If these are required then an application for copies has to be made to the appropriate NASA department. See their website at

October 2015

The following persons shown on this FT have at least one entry from the Find My Past newspaper collection 1725-1901. Details are shown in their Notes: Fanny Cecilia Alberta Clarence b.1848; Ethel Maria Hulley b.1868; Ernest Edward Sawyer m.1890.


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