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WestCumb01 - Descendants of Richard Hully who died 1702/1703

This tree covers the descendants of Richard Hully who died on 15 Jan 1702/03 at Bentham. They spread out from Bentham and lived in various locations in Westmorland, Cumberland, north west Yorkshire and north Lancashire including Kendal, Orton, Whitehaven, Clapham, Settle and Lancaster. Some descendants finished up in the Manchester area in 1881. A branch emigrated to Australia in the 1950s and another one went to Canada in the early 20th century. 272 persons have been added at the February 2005 update and I am most grateful for the information supplied by Nigel Hully of Western Australia for much of it.


January 2021

Further to correspondence between Julie Van Den Bossche, who is a descendant of her paternal grandmother Sarah Ann Hully, I have expanded this FT to include the 1911 census entry of her Whitehaven ancestors. Julie's brother had a DNA test but because he and Julie are descended from a non-Hully female, their DNAs are not a match to those in my DNA project. Sarah Ann had a brother George Henry born 1906 but unfortunately he died in 1924, otherwise he - or his descendants - could have supplied a DNA test result, which would have been the first one for this group of Hulley/Hully families in England.

I note that Julie's paternal grandfather Moses Hully had 3 brothers John, Matthew and William, who had at least 4 male descendants, one of whose descendants could be a DNA match. I have also expanded this Family Tree to cover other 1911 census and 1939 Register entries.

October 2018

The Cheshire Marriage Licence Bonds And Allegations entry for Elizabeth Shearman Hully born 1847 has been added to her Notes.

April 2018

Karen Cooley has provided details of the life of John Parkinson Hully 1882-1944. He gained a world-wide reputation as a modernist designer with a long career in various art forms especially jewellery and furniture design. His Notes list these and more elements of his life.

December 2016

Full details of the 10 marriages of the following persons shown on this FT have been added to their Notes:

John Hully to Ann Eccles in 1839; Richard Hulley to Sarah Hunt in 1849; Ann Hully to Richard Wilcock in 1855; Dorothy Hully to Edward Taylor in 1859; Dorothy Hully to William Carr in 1861; John Hully to Elizabeth Knowles in 1864; Alice Hully to Lawrence Stephenson in 1865; Margaret Hully to William Newhouse in 1865; Elizabeth Annie Hully to James A. Guest in 1886; Francis Hully to Annie Dean in 1890.

February 2016

The following members of this FT are listed in the Freemason Membership Registers: Francis Hully 1851-1926; Richard Hully 1845-1919; Francis Hully 1880-1959; Lewis Frederick Hully 1889-1971; Arthur George Hully 1890-1940. Details of each entry are shown in his Notes.

October 2015

The following persons shown on this FT have at least one entry from the Find My Past newspaper collection 1725-1901. Details are shown in their Notes: Francis Hully b.1742; Moses Hully c.1766; Christopher Hully c.1776; Agnes Hully c.1792; Ann Hully c.1808; Moses Hully c.1816; Agnes Robinson b.1804; John Hully c.1843; Thomas Hully c.1845; Elizabeth Shearman Hully c.1847; Elizabeth Shearman Hully c.1866; Annie Hully b.1870; Robert Shearman Hully c.1865; James Noble Hully b.1843; Richard Hully b.1845; Annie Dean b.1863; John Hully c.1836; John Hully b.1800; Miles Clark Hully c.1809; Ann Parker b.1805; John Parker Hully b.1839; John Hully b.1827; Francis Hully b.1830; John Hully b.1840; John Blackburn b.1835; Katherine Phillips b.1839; Catherine Hully b.1852; Francis Hully b. 1863; James Scott Woodburn b.1848.

January 2013

A check of the recently published additions on the Ancestry website for the West Riding of Yorkshire Births, Marriages and Deaths 1512-1935 has revealed 6 events linked to this Family Tree: Baptisms: Annie 1868; Thomas 1870; Charles 1872; and Agnes 1874, all children of Francis & Mary Hannah Hulley of Rysthworth near Keighley. Marriages: Robert Williamson Templeton and Isabella Hulley in 1852, and Thomas Hart and Agnes Hully 1899. Full details are shown in the Notes of each person.

August 2012

Welcome to Marilyn Morgan, a relative of the descendants of Isaac Hully born 1864 who emigrated to the United States in 1884 and became a horse trainer at a racetrack between Newark and Morristown, N.J. He had one son John Creighton Hully born 1892 who had one daughter Marie Jeanette Hully born 1919 but no sons before he died in 1920 age 28.

I am indebted to Marilyn for the above information, all of which and more is shown in the Notes of each person.

November 2011

There has been no major additions to this FT since the last update but I would like to thank all those who have written to me in the interim.

November 2010

Cath Sharpe has supplied the surname of the third wife of Moses Hully born 1842. She is Tamar Creighton daughter of Isaac and Hannah (nee Jackson) of Rydal and Loughrigg, Ambleside. Louise Dyer has sent details of the descendants of Ethel Hully b.1904. My thanks to both researchers.

July 2010

A search of 19th century online newspapers has uncovered a mass of information about several members of this FT. The following persons have been mentioned in various news items:- Christopher Hully b.1731; Jane Miniken b.1746 wife of Christopher Hully; Thomas Hully b.1769; William Hully b.1770; Dorothy b.1772, wife of Thomas Hully; Christopher Hully b. 1776; Francis Hully b.1796 ; Thomas Hully b.1797; John Hully b.1800; Richard Hully b.1800; Ann Hully b.1808; Moses Hully b. 1816; William Hully b. 1818; John Hully b.1827; Thomas Hully b.1827; George Hully b.1829; Isaac Hully b.1835; John Hully b.1836; Robert Hully b.1837; Thomas Hully b.1840; Moses Hully b.1842; James Noble Hully b.1843; Richard Hulley b.1845 ; Thomas Hully b.1845; Thomas Hully b.1856; and Francis Hully b.1863. The details are shown in the Notes of each person.

January 2010

The descendants of the children of James Hully b 1894 and his wife Rachel nee Currie have been researched and several additions have been made to them. They include Alfred born 1918, Victor born 1919, Joyce born 1824 and Vivienne born 1927. Thanks to Lorraine Hully for her help!

November 2009

A major error has been found and corrected. John Hully baptised at Bentham in 1802 and his descendants were double-entered by mistake.

The family of John Hulley b. 1828 at Blackburn has been discovered in a ship's manifest in 1867. They emigrated to Quebec, Canada in the SS Thames from Poplar, London where they were listed as Poor Law Union emigrants. The baptism of his son William Baird Hulley had previously been found in the registers of St Mary's church, Bromley St Leonard in 1865. The family has been found in the 1871 and 1881 censuses of Canada, living at Ontario.

April 2009

A further search of FreeBMD has uncovered 10 more previously unknown spouses. Where the entry shows more than one possible candidate, both are shown pending further research or a sight of the marriage certificate. If you are able to assist, please contact me.

March 2009

More spouses (Wearing and Stephenson) have been added as well as more 19th century newspaper reports concerning some of the persons in this tree. Details are shown in the Notes of each person.

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