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Yorks01 - Descendants of John Halley buried at Sheffield in 1603


July 2019

Barbara Hall has sent more details about the families of Ann Hulley and George Beaumont and those of Harriet Hulley nee Woolhouse. These have been included in the revised FT.

March 2017

Thanks to Sandra Ibbotson, whose great grandparents are Herbert Hulley and Ann Elizabeth Rodgers, the details of their children Hilda Hulley 1901-1901 and those of Evelyn Hulley 1914-2011 have been added to the FT.

I have almost completed the task of listing all the marriage information - from various on-line sites - of those Yorkshire Hulley and variant folk who were married between 1837 and 1911. The following list shows those persons whose details are not yet complete so I would be grateful if anyone could let me have the details taken from their marriage certificates, please.

Rotherham marriages
1846 Dec qtr - Catherine Hulley/Ulley and James Goddard;
1852 25 Dec at All Saints church - Harriet Hulley nee Woolhouse and Joseph Taylor;
1854 27 Oct at All Saints church - Elizabeth Hulley and Joseph Foster;
1877 Sep qtr - Frederick Hulley and Caroline Newell;
1888 Mar qtr - Albert Hulley and Annie Eliza Page;
1891 Sep qtr - William Hulley/Ulley and Sarah Jepson;
1900 Sep qtr - David Hulley and Lily Salter;
1900 27 Dec - Herbert Hulley and Ann Elizabeth Rodgers;
1903 Jun qtr - Robert Hulley and Annie Breckin;
1908 Dec qtr - Ada Hulley and John Jackson.

Sheffield marriages
1870 Dec qtr - Mary Hulley/Ulley and John Howard;
1872 Mar qtr - George Hulley/Ulley and Theresa Surtees;
1876 Dec qtr - Sophie Hulley and Joseph Cooper;
1907 Dec qtr - Jennie May Hulley and Harry Wheale.

Wortley marriages
1858 Jun qtr - Thomas Hulley and Ann Wilkinson;
1860 Dec qtr - Ann Hulley and Charles Harrison;
1897 Jun qtr - Thomas Hulley and Sarah Ann Greaves.

Ecclesfield St Mary marriages
1881 Dec qtr - Eliza Hulley and John Dawson;
1884 Jun qtr - Ada Hulley and Arthur Henry Creswick.

Ecclesfield Bierlow marriage
1908 Mar qtr - George Alfred Hulley and Alice Goodinson.

Sharrow St Andrew marriage
1874 Mar qtr - Elizabeth Hulley/Ulley and George Warris.

August 2016

I have updated this FT as a result of a discovery in my archives of a FT drawn by the late Frank Hulley of Bristol in October 1997. This FT shows the revised 4 generations going back from Francis Ulley b. 1679, to his father Francis Halley b. 1642, to his father Francis Halley b.1610, to his father Francis Hawley b. 1579, to his father John Halley who was born c1555 and died in 1603. The last 3 generations were based in Sheffield as distinct from the original (erroneous) FT whose earliest generation were from Bradfield.

July 2016

Geoff Sherratt has kindly supplied details of the ancestors and descendants of Frank Hayes Hulley 1923-2006. Geoff's uncle's uncle was Frank Hulley 1896-1916 who died at the Battle of the Somme and whose Army records are now shown in his Notes.

January 2016

The following entries have been found in Yorkshire BMDs from Find My Past;

Baptism - 1824 - George son of Joseph and Mary Ulley.

Marriages 1701 - Francis Ulley and Mary Webster; 1733 - Mary Hulley and Joseph Morrel; 1868 - John Hulley and Sarah Stanfield; 1877 - Arthur Hulley and Martha Ann Hoyland; 1891 - Kate Hulley and William Gascoigne;1891 - Fred Hulley and Lucy Thompson; 1895 - Mary Ann Hulley (nee Roebuck) and William Henry Jackson; 1897 - Gertrude Hulley and Samuel Edward Deeley; 1898 - Harry Hulley and Annie Robinson; 1901 - John Hulley and Ann Myers; 1926 - Wilfred Irving Hulley and Elsie Blyton; 1926 - Norman Hulley and Cecilia Mary Ann Knowles.

October 2015

The following persons shown on this FT have at least one entry from the Find My Past newspaper collection 1725-1901. Details are shown in their Notes: George Ulley b.1837; William Hulley b.1867; Tom Hulley b.1861; Frederick Hulley c.1855; Joseph Hulley b.1849; Walter Hulley b.1853; George Ulley b.1849; Joseph Hulley b.1872; Frederick Hulley b.1878.

March 2015

I have found the following persons in the lists of West Yorkshire Prisoners 1801-1914 and have allocated the information shown to the individuals' Notes. Some of them have served more than one prison sentence - usually in Wakefield Prison.

John Ulley b1848;
Joseph Hulley b1872.

Details of their crimes - and punishments! - are shown in each person's Notes.

August 2014

Further to my note in June, I can now advise you that the HAWLEY researcher who has been in contact with me concerning the duplication of ULLEY/HULLEY entries on each of our Family Trees, has a website devoted to her HAWLEY studies at She is called Josie Driver and will welcome all guests to her website.

June 2014

Following contact with another researcher who is following the HAWLEY line in Yorkshire and who has visited my website and checked the Yorks01 Family Tree therein, we have concluded that there is a common thread between her FT and mine down to the marriage of Francis Ulley and Estar Hall in 1701. The evidence that has been presented to me by this researcher shows that the ULLEY/HULLEY line does not appear to commence at Nicholas ULLEYE, and no evidence has been found at this stage to confirm the ancestors of Francis ULLEY b 1679 who married in 1701. I have therefore removed the first 4 generations from Yorks01 until further evidence comes to light which will take the FT back from 1679.

January 2013

A check of the recently published additions on the Ancestry website for the West Riding of Yorkshire Births, Marriages and Deaths 1512-1935 has revealed 6 events linked to this Family Tree. 5 marriages post 1837 : John Scott and Eliza Hulley nee Berry 1896; Frederick Cox and Fanny Hulley 1899; Frank Hawksworth and Ethel Hulley 1916; Beaumont Haigh and Kate Alice Hulley 1929 (cancelled); Cyril Stansfield Hulley and Margaret Bretton 1933. There is also one burial listed - Sarah Hulley age 67 buried at Shadwell in 1932. Full details are shown in the Notes of each person.

August 2010

A search of online 19th century newspapers has revealed some intriguing news items concerning several persons in the FT. These are as follows: Francis Hulley b.1779; Joseph Hulley b.1814; William Ulley b.1830; Joseph Ulley b.1834; William Ulley b.1834; George Ulley b.1837; Alfred Ulley b.1841; George Hulley b.1841; Joseph Hulley b.1849; Walter Hulley b.1858; Charles Hulley b1860; William Hulley b.1867; Joseph Hulley b.1872; and Fred Hulley b.1878. Full details are shown in their Notes.

October 2009

Sandra Ibbotson has provided further details of her Hulley ancestors, including an additional daughter Hilda Hulley born 1901 - of Herbert and Ann Elizabeth (nee Rodgers) Hulley of Rotherham.

April 2009

Further searches of FreeBMD marriages have uncovered spouses of the following: Clara Hulley born 1856; Arthur Hulley born 1872; Jane Hulley born 1882; Jenny May Hulley born 1883; Nelly Jeffcock Hulley born 1886; and Edith Annie Hulley born 1888. In all cases the index shows two possible candidates, so both have been shown pending further research or a sight of the marriage certificate. If you can help, please contact me.

March 2009

Two more spouses' names - Crookes and Salt - have been added to this tree - refer to the Name Index for details.

February 2009

An additional 211 names have been added to this FT, mainly spouses and their families as shown in the census after their marriage. This brings the total number of entries on this FT to 571. These include the following surnames:

Beamont - Beatson - Biggin - Briggs - Browne - Bullers - Capper - Coe - Cooper - Cox - Creswick - Crookes - Dawson - Deeley - Dodsworth - Froggatt - Gascoigne - Goddard - Goodinson - Goodlad - Grayson - Greaves - Greenwood - Haywood - Hope - Howard - Hoyland - Jepson - Johnson - Jones - Langan - North - Ogelsby - Oxspring - Ridge - Robinson - Roebuck - Ryalls - Salt - Sansom - Simfield - Smith - Swallow - Taylor - Turton - Warriss - West - Whaley - Wilkinson - Wilson - Wood - Woodhead - Woodhouse - Wright.

June 2008

I am grateful to Miriam Galloway for providing information about the Hawley family of Bradfield, who is linked into this tree through Richard Hulley born 1600. I have added some 19th century census returns to this family and will add further details in due course.

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