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Yorks06 - Descendants of Jonathan Ulley who was born in 1729 at Mexborough

This Family Tree covers the Ulley family who were living in the Mexbrough district during the latter part of the 18th century and all of the 19th century. Most of the menfolk were employed in the pottery trade, especially earthenware. Some were stone masons, glass blowers, brick makers and nail makers, and others were general labourers. In 1851 some families branched out to Sheffield, Hull and Swinton, Yorks. In 1871 another branch was living in Chesterfield, Derbyshire and continued there and in Whittington, Derbyshire to the end of the century. 1881 showed family branches living in Burslem, Staffordshire, and Hunslet and Attercliffe in Yorkshire. Although most of this family were initially named ULLEY, by the end of the 19th century this had gradually changed to HULLEY, with only a few families retaining their ancestor's surname into the 20th century.


May 2020

Thanks go to Tina Cooke (again!) for drawing my attention to errors relating to Joseph born 1781 and Jonathan born 1788, sons of Jonathan Ulley born 1729. these have been corrected as shown in their Notes.

November 2018

Tina Cooke has kindly provided information on her relative Albert Hulley born 1890 which has led to 5 more persons - including his daughter Dorothy born 1915 - added to the FT.

January 2016

The following entries have been found in Yorkshire BMDs from Find My Past;

Baptisms - 79 entries - details are shown in each individual's Notes.

Marriages 1876 - Herbert Hulley and Frances Burton; 1879 - Annie Elizabeth Hulley and Thomas Webster; 1887 - Eliza Hulley and Benjamin Kelshaw; 1890 - Annie Elizabeth Hulley and John Lawn; 1894 - Kate Ellen Hulley and Charles Stuart; 1894 - Jane Ulley and Joseph Eaton Burley; 1898 - Alfred Ulley and Sarah Ann Stevenson; 1901 - Eliza Ann Hulley and George Smith; 1909 - Mary Ann Hulley and John Edwin Drage; 1919 - Cyril Hulley and Clarissa Dora Laughton; 1924 - Cornelius Hulley and Sarah Alice Macfarlane; 1925 - George Hulley and Hilda Halifax. Details are shown in each individual's Notes.

Burials - 30 entries - details are shown in each individual's Notes.

December 2015

The following member of this FT is listed in the Absent Voters' Lists: William Hulley born 1891. Details are shown in his Notes.

October 2015

The following persons shown on this FT have at least one entry from the Find My Past newspaper collection 1725-1901. Details are shown in their Notes: David Hulley b.1869; George Hulley b.1848.

March 2015

I have found the following persons in the lists of West Yorkshire Prisoners 1801-1914 and have allocated the information shown to the individuals' Notes. Some of them have served more than one prison sentence - usually in Wakefield Prison.

George Hulley c1848;
John Ulley b1852;
Mary Elizabeth ---- b1862 (wife of William Ibitson Ulley);
Enoch Hulley b1872.

Details of their crimes - and punishments! - are shown in each person's Notes.

October 2013

A family history researcher has contacted me, seeking information about Horace Hulley born 1893 at Swinton, near Doncaster. He emigrated to Canada in the early 20th century with his father Fred. He is not listed in FreeBMD but I have found his entry in the 1901 and 1911 censuses. If anyone has any information about his birth, please contact me.

February 2013

A check of the recently published additions on the Ancestry website for the West Riding of Yorkshire Births, Marriages and Deaths 1512-1935 has revealed the following entries linked to this Family Tree.

22 Baptisms -

1885 05 Apr Mina Hulley dau of Harry & Harrietta Hulley
1891 07 Jun James Henry Hulley son of George Henry & Jessie Hulley
1891 07 Jun George Herbert Hulley son of George Henry & Jessie Hulley
1892 21 Dec George Hulley son of Clifford & Ellen Hulley
1892 21 Dec Alfred William Hulley son of Clifford & Ellen Hulley
1892 21 Dec Ernest Hulley son of Clifford & Ellen Hulley
1894 11 Nov Herbert Hulley son of Clifford & Ellen Hulley
1896 25 Oct Zerha Hulley dau of George Henry & Jessie Hulley
1897 25 Apr Henry Hulley son of Clifford & Ellen Hulley
1898 11 Apr Walter Hulley son of Ambrose & Matilda Hulley
1899 26 Jul Harold Hulley son of Clifford & Ellen Hulley
1899 06 Aug Maggie Hulley dau of Harry & Sarah Hulley
1901 13 Mar Norton Hulley son of Harry & Sarah Hulley
1902 26 Jan Albert Edward Hulley son of Clifford & Ellen Hulley
1902 11 Sep Jessie Hulley dau of George Henry & Jessie Hulley
1902 11 Sep William Hulley son of George Henry & Jessie Hulley
1903 15 Jul Minnie Hulley dau of Harry & Sarah Hulley
1905 05 Apr Alice Hulley dau of Harry & Sarah Thorsby Hulley
1907 08 May Harry Hulley son of Harry & Sarah Hulley
1907 12 Jun Alfred William Hulley son of Alfred William & Annie Elizabeth Hulley
1908 08 Oct Annie Ellizabeth Hulley dau of Alfred William & Annie Elizabeth Hulley
1910 09 Mar Dorothy Hulley dau of Alfred William & Annie Elizabeth Hulley

22 post-1837 Marriages -

James Davies to Mary Ann Hulley 1874
Thomas Dougill to Annie Hulley 1883
George Henry Hulley to Jessie Brown 1886
Norton Fletcher to Sarah Jane Hulley 1889
Samuel Thomas Joy to Zerah Hulley 1896
Henry Hulley to Sarah Thorsby Edson 1899
Fred Hulley to Edith Ellen Read Adams 1903
Ernest Herbotson to Minnie Hulley 1903
Alfred William Hulley to Annie Elizabeth Skelding 1907
James Henry Hulley to Anne Elizabeth Castelow 1909
Ralph Thornton to Amanda Hulley 1909
James Arthur Corcoran to Mary Ellen Hulley 1913
George Herbert Hulley to Pheobe Thomas 1913
John Mulligan to Alice Hulley 1913
William Hulley to Edith Worth 1916
Herbert Hulley to Mabel Elizabeth Meacham 1920
Ernest Hulley to Esther Maxfield 1921
Harold Hulley to Alice Moxon 1921
Joseph Harry Towler to Maggie Hulley 1927
Joseph Henry Underwood to Minnie Hulley 1929
Joseph White to Annie Elizabeth Hully 1931
Clifford Hulley to Elsie Jackson 1932
Charles Clifford Hulley to Elsie May Powell 1935

Full details are shown in the Notes of each person.

January 2012

A check of the Bury (Lancashire) Union Workhouse Admissions and Burials register has uncovered an entry relating to this Family Tree. Alfred Bradshaw Hully was born in the Workhouse on 19 Jan 1877 son of Harriet Hully (no father named). The only Harriet Hully living in the area at the time was Harriet Hulley (born Ully) born 1856 in Doncaster and working as an Attendant in Prestwich Lunatic Asylum in 1881, so Alfred Bradshaw Hully has been allocated as a child of Harriet in this FT. Unfortunately he died in Stockport in December quarter 1880.

August 2010

A check of online 19th century newspapers has shown several news items relating to persons on this FT including the following: Thomas Ulley b.1812; John Ulley b.1815; Elizabeth Ulley nee Baley b.1817; Alfred Hulley b.1840; Henry Ulley b.1840; Arthur Ulley b.1841; George Hulley b.1848; Joseph Ulley b.1850;Cornelius Ulley b.1851; Herbert Ulley b.1854; Ambrose Hulley b.1861;Mrs Mary E. Hulley b.1862; George Henry Hulley b.1864;George Hulley b.1866; Walter Hulley b.1866; Frederick Hulley b.1867; Levi Ulley b.1875; and Miss Letty Hulley b.1877.

The reports include court cases of stealing or assault, as well as other matters such as inquests following death by accident or suicide. All entries have been added to the Notes of each person, including marriages and deaths announcements of persons not listed above.

August 2009

Syl Langan has kindly advised me of some errors in this tree, which I have now corrected. They concern Alfred Hulley born 1867 and his descendants, which were previously part of the Yorks01 FT.

April 2009

Further research with the FreeBMD marriage indexes has uncovered spouses of the following: Amanda Hulley born 1884; Mary Ann Hulley born 1885; Alfred William Hulley born 1886; James Henry Hulley born 1887; Eliza Ann Ulley born 1880; Kate Ulley born 1882; Clara or Eliza ulley born 1887; and Elizabeth Ellen Ully born 1882. In all cases the index shows two possible candidates, so both have been shown pending further research or a sight of the marriage certificate. If you can help, please contact me.

February 2009

98 names have been added to this FT, mainly spouses and their families as shown in the census after their marriage. There are 10 more Hulleys, 20 more Ulleys as well as the following surnames now on the FT:
Barker - Ewan - Clarkson - Coe - Dennis - Dougill - Ellis - Figsby - Gallear - Graves - Harper - Hayne - Heeley - Hill - Joy - Kelshaw - Lord - Matthews - Menzies - Pattison - Pickell - Poulson - Richards - Richardson - Sadler - Stuart - Wilhelm - Woolhard.

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