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Aust02 - Descendants of James Hulley who was baptised at St Mary's church, Stockport Cheshire on 25 October 1768

This tree shows the descendants of James Hulley of Stockport, Cheshire with particular reference to the Australian descendants of his son James Spencer Hulley born 1803 who, together with his mother Keziah, were transported to Australia in 1821.

Note 1: The ancestors of James Hulley baptised 25 October 1768 are found on Ches11 - Descendants of Robert Hulley baptised 29 July 1706 in the Cheshire Family Trees.

Note 2: The ancestors of Robert Hulley baptised 29 July 1706 are found on Lancs01 - Descendants of William Hulley who was born c1555 in the Lancashire Family Trees.


March 2011

I have added the following persons to this tree after rediscovering papers sent to me - James Hulley born 1838, Priscilla Medhurst 1843 - 1895, and their daughter Selina born 1861.

April 2010

More information has been received from Jo Archer, Pauline Hortle, Sharon Kearns, Malcolm Sears and Yvonne Withington about the Cundy/Hulley relationships and name changes. This has helped to uncover the many mysteries and I am most grateful to all contributors.

August 2009

I wish to thank Jo Archer for solving the mystery of Catherine Rowe, the wife of James Spencer Hulley b. 1803, and full details are shown in her Notes. She had been married in 1835 to Richard Cundy who died in c1847. Two of her four children to Richard Cundy had been baptised after his death as Hulley children, hence the mystery. Well done to Jo for all her determined research work!

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