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Lancs01 - Descendants of William Hulley who was born c1555

This family tree covers all the descendants of William Hulley who was born c1555 in Dukinfield, Cheshire although all his children were baptised, and he and his widow were buried, in St Michael's church Ashton under Lyne. This is just across the River Tame from Dukinfield. There is unlikely to be a direct relationship between the Hulley families of Dukinfield and those of Rainow and Macclesfield, Cheshire, because a DNA project has proved that they belong to different families, although they share the same haplo-group R-M269.

This tree covers many Hulley descendants, including George (born 1774) and Hannah Hulley and their 8 children who emigrated to the New World in 1832; their tree is the USA01 tree in the America Family Trees. It also shows my own direct ancestors who left the Ashton under Lyne area in 1801 and moved to Radcliffe near Manchester in 1850 via Outwood and Unsworth. There are other Hulley generations in the Ashton under Lyne district of Lancashire and the Saddleworth district of Yorkshire who are shown on other trees on this web site. Others will appear on newly compiled trees in the future.


October 2018

The following members of this FT are listed on the Cheshire Marriage Licence Bonds and Allegations 1606-1905

Esther Hully born 1769

Grace Hulley nee Winterbottom married 1762

Full details are shown in their Notes.

January 2017

Almost all of the Church of England marriages in the period 1837 to 1911 have now been incorporated into the Notes of the respective persons. There are still 37 marriages still incomplete, all of which are either those conducted in Registry Offices, Roman Catholic churches or Non-conformist locations. If anyone has information about these 'missing' marriages, including dates, locations, participants and witnesses please get in touch with me.

December 2016

19 more marriages held between 1837 and 1911 for members of this FT has been found and are shown below.

Eliza Hulley to John Downs in 1841; Edwin Hulley to Mary Ann Pemberton in 1863; Elkanah Hulley to Harriet Longson in 1865; Sarah Hulley to Robert Jones in 1867; George Hulley to Sarah Chadwick in 1867; Elkanah Hulley to Sarah Taylor in1869; Mary Jane Hulley to Samuel Wolfenden in 1875; John James Hulley to Mary Ripley in 1878; Asa Hulley to Mary Kershaw in 1886; Walter Hulley to Elizabeth Morton in1888; Mary Hannah Hulley to Frederick W. Nelson in 1892; Annie Hulley to Samuel Booth in 1896; Eliza Hulley to James Sumner in1897; Betty Hulley to Herbert Ashton in1899; Alice Amelia Hulley to Walter B. Thorniley in 1900; Elizabeth Agnes Hulley to Ernest Shufflebottom in 1902; Mary Ann Hulley to John Ashton in 1903; James Hulley to Alice Jones in 1908; Sarah Ann Hulley to George Crossland in 1911;

November 2016

Full details of the 43 marriages of the following persons shown on this FT have been added to their Notes:

Jane Hulley to William Bagnall in 1838; James Hulley to Martha Wilkinson in 1838; Ellen Hulley nee Booth to John Barlow in 1841; Eliza Hulley nee ... to John Downes in 1841; Cornelius Hulley to Sarah Ann Hopwood in 1849; John Hulley to Martha Kershaw in 1850; Mary Hulley to Joseph Fitton in 1852; Elizabeth Hulley to Nicholas Bromley in 1855; Mary Ann Hulley to William Leech in 1862; Joshua Williamson Hulley to Sarah H. Nuttall in 1864; Samuel Hulley to Catherine O'Brien in 1865; John Hulley to Ellen Urmson in 1866; Susannah Hulley nee Fox to Alfred Wood in 1868; Emma Jane Hulley to George Parkinson in 1870; Ann Hulley to Joseph Newton in 1872; William Hulley to Martha Middleton in 1877; George Hulley to Elizabeth Shaw in 1878; Eleanor Hulley to Henry Partington in 1880; Samuel Hulley to Martha Hough in 1880; Mary Ann Hulley to John Holt in 1880; Sarah Ann Hulley to James Hudson in 1886;  Elizabeth Ann Hulley to Richard Speakes in 1890; John Hulley to Mary Hannah Jackson in 1891; Martha Ellen Hulley to John Aspinall in 1891; Hannah Hulley to John Chappell in 1895; Hannah Mary Hulley to Samuel Kershaw in 1895; Joseph Hulley to Mary Hannah Mills nee Kershaw in 1896; Walter Hulley to Sarah Ann Bowden in 1897; George Hulley to Tabitha Jones in 1898; Mary Hulley to James Jackson in 1901; Harriet Hulley to Samuel Belger in 1902; Ann Hulley to William Simcock in 1902;  Bertha Hulley to Alfred Donald in 1902; Ada Hulley to Wright Worth in 1903; Charles Edward Hulley to ,Minnie Duckworth in 1904; Beatrice Hulley to Charles Hoyle in 1905; Will Hulley to Hannah England in 1906; Ethel Hulley to James Wallworth in 1907; George Harry Hulley to Gertrude Marland in 1907; May Lilian Hulley to William J. Beggs in 1907; William Hulley to Alice Beatrice H. Hall in 1908; Lily Hulley to Cyrus Wallwork in 1908; James Hulley to Mary Jane Elam in 1911.

February 2016

The following members of this FT are listed in the Freemason Membership Registers: Walker Derby Hulley 1872-1950; Walter Hulley 1867-1932; Josuah Williamson Hulley 1840-1920; Elkanah Hulley 1844-1917; George Hulley 1856-1923. Details of each entry are shown in his Notes.

January 2016

The following entries have been found in Yorkshire BMDs from Find My Past;

Baptisms: Mary Ellen, John, James and Nancy, children of John and Ellen Hulley.
James Feargus, Marshall, Beatrice, Fred and Donald, children of James and Clara Hully.

Marriage: Sarah daughter of John and Ellen Hulley, and Herbert Houlbrook.

See the Notes of each person for more details.

October 2015

The following persons shown on this FT have at least one entry from the Find My Past newspaper collection 1725-1901. Details are shown in their Notes:John Hulley b.1828; James Hulley b.1732; Mary Grime m.1768; William Hulley b.1830; Walter Hulley b.1867; James Hulley c.1843; Ernest Hulley b.1848.

March 2015

The Police Service career of Joseph Lees Hulley (born 1875) has been found in the West Riding Constabulary records in Find My Past. Details are shown in his Notes.

February 2014

Several entries covering births, marriages and deaths have been added to this Family Tree from the Lancashire On-line Parish Clerks website. Full details are shown in the Notes of each person.

January 2014

The Manchester Poor Rate Books (PRB) 1706-1900 (575 Hulley entries) are now on Find my Past. The PRB contain lists of every house owner and tenant and the charges made by the Overseers of the Poor in respect of the property, (similar to the modern General Rate) payable towards the upkeep of the district workhouses and to supplement the income of the poorest families. There are 2 persons from this FT included on the PRB as shown below; full details are shown in their Notes.

Walter Hulley b1867; Samuel Hulley b1843.

November 2013

The Cheshire Electoral Registers 1842 -1900 are now online at and I have extracted those for the following persons who are on this FT.

Sarah Hulley b 1832; Edwin Hulley b. 1841; William Hulley b. 1843; George Hulley b. 1846; and Samuel Hulley b. 1868.

These persons lived at Dukinfield, Mossley, Stalybridge or Tintwistle, all townships on the Cheshire border with Lancashire.

January 2013

A check of the recently published additions on the Ancestry website for the West Riding of Yorkshire Births, Marriages and Deaths 1512-1935 has revealed 13 events linked to this Family Tree. They include 7 baptisms - Joseph Lees, Maria and Lees children of James & Anna Hulley 1880; James son of James & Hannah Hully 1883; Lawrence Shaw son of John William & Sarah Ellen Hulley 1890; Edith Alice Hulley (No details shown) 1898; Marjorie dau of Fred & Clara Jane Hulley 1907. The 4 marriages are : Fred Hulley and Clara Jane Lockwood 1898; Albert Grieve and Mary Hulley 1900 (not shown on FT) ; Lees Hulley and Ada Wright 1908; Joseph Lees Hulley and Clarissa Hird 1919. There are 4 burials shown - Charlotte Maud Hulley 28 at Golcar in 1922; Robert Hulley 68 at Marsden in 1940; John W. Hulley 76 at Golcar in 1945; and Eleanor Hulley 84 at Marsden in 1959. Full details are shown in the Notes of each person.

October 2012

I have re-read an account of the trial of Henry Hunt, the well-known 19th century radical orator, who was found guilty of incitement at the Peterloo Massacre in Manchester on the 16th August 1819. This mentions a John Hully as one of the defence witnesses and previously I had difficulty in allocating him to a Family Tree. Careful analysis of his statements at the trial shows that he was married, came from Mossley, was a clothier and was the son of a Nancy Prestwick (sic).

This last disclosure was a mystery - how could he be called Hully yet his mother was a Prestwick? A check of Lancs01 FT gave the answer - he was an illegitimate son born 1779 of Nancy Hulley who married Joshuah Prestwich in 1781. His entry on this FT was wrong and I have amended it accordingly. I have also added The Times of 24 March 1820 account of his deposition.

August 2012

Rita Vaughan has sent another newspaper article dated 11 December 1915 about Elkanah Hulley born Dec qtr 1891 and pubished in the Ashton-under-Lyne Reporter. It covers his World War 1 exploits in the Dardenelles serving in the 1/19th Manchester Regiment. He was invalided home with enteric fever and died on 5 Jul 1917 in Ashton under Lyne.

His Army number - 2149 - is also shown in the Medal Roll at WO 372 attributed to Private Ernest Hulley, and his brother Samuel's entry also has the same number - some mistake, surely!

Rita had noticed that some of the Manchester Regt records are not 100% correct - there are more than a few errors around such as being shown as Ernest rather than Elkanah. What is true is that both Samuel and Elkanah served in the Ashton Territorials, and both were discharged

All details are shown in the Notes for each person.

March 2012

Patricia Berry has sent details of James Hulley Hague (1865-1871) a son of Elizabeth Wood (aka Hulley) daughter of Hannah Wood who married George Hulley in 1839, and James Hague.

January 2012

The Admissions and Burial registers for Bury Union Workhouse has uncovered some very interesting entries, 5 of which refer to individuals on this FT. These are Betty Hulley nee Ogden 1820-1889, wife of William Hulley 1803-1877 (2 entries; John Hulley 1828-1903 husband of Alice Fletcher nee Booth; David Hully 1841-1900 son of Mary Hulley of Unsworth; and James Hulley 1844-1913 son of the same Mary Hulley of Unsworth.

Alfred Bradshaw Hulley, was originally shown as a son of Silvester and Dorcas Ann Hulley, but the Admission register shows his birth in 1877 and mother as Harriet Hully (no father named). Further research has tracked her down to be a member of Yorks06 Family Tree. He has therefore been removed from this FT.

November 2011

Janet Lyon has discovered another child of John Hulley born 1828 and his wife Alice (Fletcher nee Booth). Gilbert Hully was born in the December quarter 1864 and died in the June quarter 1865.

I have found 2 references to the above John Hulley in the Bury Times. In September 1863 he was accused of using threatening language to his wife Alice and was bound over to keep the peace. In August 1865 he was summoned by Alice for 'ill-using' her. He was found guilty and sentenced to 4 months hard labour and bound over to keep the peace for 4 months. Full details are shown in their Notes.

February 2011

Rita Vaughan has discovered the location of Milton Hulley (b. 1886) in 1911. He was an inpatient at Prestwich Asylum and had been indexed as Hullery. He went on to serve in World War 1 and was killed in 1918.

July 2010

A check of online 19th century newspapers has produced several news items connected to persons on this FT. They are: Robert Hulley b.1794; Benjamin Hulley b.1803; Joshua Williamson Hulley b.1840; Robert Hulley b.1850; John William Hulley b.1868; and Florence Hulley b.1869.

March 2010

I have completed a review of the earliest persons shown on this and the Lancs03 Family Tree and have concluded that they can be amalgamated.

The lead person on this tree William Hulley who died in 1602/03 has only his burial entry in the registers of St Michael's, but between the years 1595 and 1620 the registers recorded the events of two families - Hulley and Howley/Hooley, the latter coming from Dokinfield. These are shown on the Lancs02 Family Tree.

All persons with the Hulley surname appear to be from the same family - possibly living at Ashton under Lyne - so they have been included here until further evidence is found to confirm their relationships. They include all the persons previously shown on Lancs03 Family Tree.

As well as these 11 persons, I have added a further 37 persons as a result of spouses now being shown on FreeBMD marriage entries.

May 2009

I am most grateful to Ray Mills of Australia for supplying further details of the descendants of John Hulley who was born in Dukinfield in 1844. This adds another 13 persons to this tree, some of whose ancestors emigrated to Canada then to the USA.

April 2009

Further research of FreeBMD records of the previously unknown spouses has uncovered the following surnames:

Beggs - Belger - Clough - Coulter - Crossland - Donald - England - Ferguson - Hall - Hoyle - Shaw - Sheard - Shufflebottom - Snape - Stringer - Sumcock - Thomas - Wallwork - Worth. There are a further 4 entries where the entry shows more than one possible candidate, so both are shown pending further research or a sight of the marriage certificate. If you are able to assist, please contact me.

February 2009

An additional 74 names have been added to this FT, mainly spouses and their families as shown in the census after their marriage. This brings the total persons on this FT to over 1,000. There are 12 additional Hulley/Hullys shown, as well as the following surnames:

Ashton - Asquith - Bromley - Chappell - Cockayna - Dean - Faulkner - Hirst - Holt - Houlbrook - Hurst - Hyslop - Kenworthy - Kershaw - Kirshaw - Lockwood - Nettleship - Newton - Newsham - Noble - Pass - Shaw - Sumner - Tetlow - Thomson - Williams - Wolfenden.

September 2008

Deloris has continued to research the US part of this family and her results may be found on FT USA01 and USA02.

February 2008

Several entries have been amended as a result of finding information on the OPC (online Parish Clerks) website and information received from Deloris who has provided many useful additions and alterations.

January 2008

Further additions have been made to this tree as a result several marriages of Hulleys being shown on the LancsBMD and ChesBMD websites. This gives the church, Registry Office or Registrar attended details together with the name of the spouse.

Thanks to the work of Deloris, I have added Jane Hulley baptised 5 July 1685 daughter of Robert Hulley of Moss de Leigh, to this tree.

June 2007

I would like to extend a warm welcome to Jan Herbert of Killcare, on the east coat of Australia. Jan is related to the Hulley family of Radcliffe through Eleanor Hulley born 1859, who married Henry Partington. After Henry had died in 1909, Eleanor and son Frederick emigrated to Australia where she died in 1963. Frederick married a former Radcliffe girl Eveline Kirkman who had also emigrated and they had 2 sons and 4 daughters, one of whom (Ethel) Mary married Clive M. Dent who in turn had 2 daughters Janette and Lynette. Jan married Dr. Richard D. Herbert and they currently live in Killcare. Jan has provided details of the link from Eleanor Hulley to herself and Richard, which are now shown on this tree.

I have discovered further details about several members of this tree as follows:

The 1891 census entry for Silvester Hulley (born 1855) - at Manchester Road Walkden; His date of death - Mar quarter 1927; His wife Elizabeth's (nee Openshaw) date of death - Mar quarter 1926; Emily Hulley's (nee Groves) date of death - Dec quarter 1924; Emily and her parents John and Alice Groves in the 1851 census - living at Back o' th' Barn, Potter's Row, Radcliffe Hall. (This was probably near the Tithe barn which is still there!); Patience Hulley's (nee Lever) date of death - Dec quarter 1942.

I have searched without success for the 1891 census entry for Sarah Ellen Hulley born 1879, daughter of Silvester and his first wife Dorcas. She may have been in an institution at this time because she re-appears with her family in 1901 but is then described as an imbecile. I have also searched for her death entry up to 1945 again without success. Could she have been cured and married after 1901?

Welcome to another researcher Cynthia Morton who is a descendant of Samuel Hulley born 1868. Cynthia has provided some details of Samuel's family which are now on the family tree.

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