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Canada01 - Descendants of Franklin Hulley who was born in Radcliffe, Lancashire and emigrated to Canada c1910

This family tree shows the descendants of Franklin Hulley, born 1882 in Radcliffe, Lancashire, who emigrated to Canada with his future wife Esther McGuiness in 1909 and 1910. Franklin joined the Canadian Army in September 1915, was posted initially to England in June 1916, disembarked in France in August 1916 and was killed in action in October 1916. His widow and 3 small children returned to Radcliffe by 1920 but went back to Canada by 1922. She remarried in 1930. The ancestors of Franklin Hulley can be found on the Lancs01 family tree, where he is a 10th generation descendant of Robart Hullie. His military records are available at Library and Archives Canada - Personnel Records of the First World War.

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