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Canada01 - Descendants of Franklin Hulley who was born in Radcliffe, Lancashire and emigrated to Canada c1910

First Generation

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1. Franklin Hulley was born 1 on 1 Apr 1882 in Radcliffe, Lancashire. He died 2 on 14 Oct 1916 in France.


Franklin married 1 Esther McGuiness daughter of Thomas McGuiness and Esther Wade on 23 Mar 1911 in Toronto, Canada. Esther was born 2 in 1889 in England.


They had the following children:

  2 M i George Franklin Hulley was born 1 on 14 Mar 1912. He died 2 on 4 Dec 1957 in New York. He was buried 3 in Dec 1957 in Long Island National Cemetery. [Notes]
+ 3 M ii William Patrick Joseph Hulley
  4 M iii Thomas Hulley was born 1 in 1915 in Toronto, Canada. He died 2 in 1947 in Canada. [Notes]

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