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NorfGlam01 - Descendants of Robert Hulley who was baptised at St Michael's church Ashton under Lyne in 1706

James Hulley, the second son of Robert married a Kezia Spencer who, with her son James were convicted of stealing and were transported to Australia in 1822. Their descendants are shown in the Aust02 Family Tree.

This family tree shows James's eldest son Thomas Spencer Hulley, who was a talented architect and who met his wife in London, possibly whilst studying for his qualifications. His first professional work was at Reading, where his family were initially raised as Quakers but eventually changing to Roman Catholicism. The family moved to Great Yarmouth, where he became a Roman Catholic and was the organist at St.Mary's RC church for many years. Several of his children became talented musicians after their father and some were shown in census returns as Professors of Music. They also raised their own children as musicians and two of them emigrated to the USA as professional musicians. These are shown in the USA03 Family Tree. A branch of the family moved to Swansea in Glamorgan and started an orchestra and choir. Another family member became a RC priest.

Note: The ancestors of Robert Hulley are found on Lancs01 - Descendants of William Hulley who was born c1555 in the Lancashire Family Trees.


January 2020

More information about the Roman Catholic priest in this Family Tree has been discovered. Alfred Thomas Hulley born 1855 was featured in a detailed report in the Wakefield Express in 1897. Evidently he had been living at Wakefield for 5 years where he had been a priest at St Austin's church but had recently moved to Bristol. The report covered the presentation to him of several farewell gifts and also disclosed that he had been a chaplain at HM Prison Wakefield. Full details are shown in his Notes.

August 2018

Details of the musical career of Thomas Henry Hulley born 1862 have been found in the recently published Music Hall And Theatre Review. He was the Musical Director of orchestras in Derby and Barrow in Furness between 1901 and 1907. His Notes contain all the entries from this publication.

January 2017

The marriage details of the following persons in this FT have been addd to their Notes:

Mary Anne Hulley to William Morris in 1853; Thomas Henry Hulley to Elizabeth Emma Walker in 1896.

January 2016

One entry in Yorkshire Births, Marriages and Deaths from Find My Past relates to the marriage of Arthur William Hulley in this FT. Although his father is shown as George Hulley Bandsman, in the entry, this appears to be an error. The only Arthur William Hulley is in this FT and his father was a musician/conductor.

Kathie Hulley has advised me of a new-born member of this FT, a son of Elliot Hulley and Abigail Munro-Hulley. His name is Tycho Raphael Hulley and was born on January 14, 2016. He is named after Tycho Brahe, a famous astronomer born in 1546.

October 2015

The following persons shown on this FT have at least one entry from the Find My Past newspaper collection 1725-1901. Details are shown in their Notes: Mary Anne Hulley b.1827; Louisa Spencer Hulley b.1872; Alfred Thomas Hulley b.1855; Thomas Henry Hulley b.1862; Frederick (George) Hulley b.1884; Archibald Hulley b.1887; Percival Alfred Hulley b.1882.

July 2015

Kathie Hulley and her brother-in-law Bernard Hulley have sent the results of their family history researches relating to their ancestor Bernard Walter Hulley (1867-1917). This has resulted in an additonal 21 persons now shown on the FT, some of whom are living in the UK, some in the USA.

October 2012

Janet Verwer has supplied additional information about William Frederick Hulley born 1754. This consists of a wide-ranging and detailed description of his life in Swansea and latterly back in Great Yarmouth, his birthplace. It was entitled "Death of Mr. W.F. Hulley - Memories of Patti and Arditi." It was probably written by Madam Patti-Nicolini the opera singer, and Signor Arditi the orchestra conductor who both appeared at a theatre built by M. Patti at Craig-y-Nos Castle, South Wales and where W.F. Hulley had strong connections.

September 2012

Further details covering the life and work of William Frederick Hulley born 1854, have been added to his Notes. These have been taken from "The Swansea and South Walian" a monthly magazine published in 1896 and 1897. They make most interesting reading!

July 2010

A search of online newspapers has revealed several news items related to members of this FT. They are Thomas Spencer Hulley b.1796; William Henry Hulley b.1831; William Frederick Hulley b.1854; Julia Jeanette Hulley b.1855; Alfred Thomas Hulley b.1855; and Ambrose Clement Hulley b.1860.

March 2010

William Morris, the husband of Mary Anne Hulley born 1827 at Islington, has been added to this tree.

November 2009

A search of the London Parish Records at my local library has found the following entries:

Baptisms - Edna Cecilia d. of Ambrose William & Charlotte Amelia Hulley (1902); Leonard Percival s. of Percival Joseph and Gertrude Hulley.Marriages - Thomas (Spencer) Hulley and Mary Slade (1821); Thomas Henry Hulley and Mary Ann Tennant (1884); Ambrose William Hulley and Charlotte Amelia Grahn (1897). Full details are shown in their Notes.

April 2009

Further research using FreeBMD has uncovered the details of two more previously unknown marriages. These are as follows:

Percival Joseph Hulley born 1876 and Reginald Hulley born 1880? In the former, the FreeBMD entry shows more than one possible spouse, so both are shown pending further research or a sight of the marriage certificate. If you are able to assist, please contact me.

February 2009

An additional 28 names have been added to this FT, mainly spouses and their families as shown in the census after their marriage. These include 3 Hulleys and the following surnames:
Archer - Bone - Cormack - Gruhn - Palmer - Parker - Pitcher - Thompson - West - Wright - Young.

September 2008

The census entries from 1841 to 1901 for all persons on this tree have now been identified, where possible. Details are shown in each person's Notes. If anyone can help fill in the gaps please contact me.

A further search of online 19th century newspapers has revealed a number of entries relating to several members of this family. The persons mentioned are as follows:

Gertrude Agnes Hulley born 1831; Thomas Alfred Hulley b.1841; William Frederick Hulley b. 1854; Alfred Thomas Hulley b. 1855; Mary Ann Louisa Hulley b. 1859; Ambrose Clement Hulley b. 1860; Herbert Robert Hulley b. 1865; Bernard Walter Hulley b. 1867; Gertrude Agnes Hulley b. 1878; Ernest William Hulley b. 1879; Cecilia May Hulley b. 1885.

All details of each entry are shown in the Notes for each person.

I would like to welcome Janet Verwer and Simon Page, both descendants of Gertrude Agnes Hulley (b. 1854), and Jeff Hulley Dayne of Oregon, USA, a descendant of Thomas Alfred Hulley b. 1858. They have given useful information to me concerning their ancestors which I have added to the Notes for each person.

May 2008

Following a search of 19th century English newspapers, several entries relating to members of this family have been found, in particular Thomas Alfred Hulley born 1841 and William Frederick Hulley born 1854. The latter settled in Swansea and became a noted musician and band leader there. He was also the Musical Director of the world-renowned operatic singer Madame Adelina Patti at her own concert hall at Craig-y.-Nos Castle near Swansea.

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