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Yorks07 - Descendants of Thomas Hulley who had six children between 1765 and 1787, all baptised at St Peter's cathedral Sheffield

This Family Tree starts with the 6 children of Thomas Hulley who were all baptised at St Peter's cathedral in Sheffield between 1765 and 1787.

The main occupation for most of the men was in the cutlery trade, with knife and fork grinders, cutlers, scissors grinders and related trades prevalent. Associated work e.g. edge tool forging, warehouseman, engravers, and burnishers are also shown. Towards the end of the century some families have grocery and provisions businesses, thus reflecting their increased wealth. One family even had a tripe shop! Most of the people lived in the Sheffield, Ecclesfield, Ecclesall Bierlow and Nether Hallam areas. One family went to live in Hunslet, south of Leeds, and another even had the audacity to escape to Bury, Lancashire! There are 183 persons on this tree and I am grateful to the late Albert Hulley of Rotherham and Mrs Pam Stevenson of Hertfordshire for supplying some of the information contained therein.


October 2015

The following person shown on this FT has at least one entry from the Find My Past newspaper collection 1725-1901. Details are shown in their Notes: Edmundus Hully b.1822.

December 2010

As a result of information received from Lara Holman, I have amended this tree and have moved several former members to another one at Yorks11. Lara discovered 4 Hully/Helly baptisms at The Norfolk Row RC church, Sheffield, children of John Hulley b. 1783 and Mary nee Demaine. Her ancestors were all baptised at the cathedral and were probably not of this line. These are now shown in Yorks11 as descendants of John Hulley and Mary Froggatt married 1809 at the cathedral.

August 2010

A search of online 19th century newspapers has revealed an important error in the FT. Previously, it had been shown that George Demaine Hulley born 1812, had 6 children, 4 of which had many descendants. The discovery of a 1828 death announcement for George at the age of 16 has meant these descendants must belong to a different line and a new one has been started in the Yorks10 tree. The remaining persons of Yorks07 are shown here, and the following members also have online newspaper references: Charles Hulley b.1849 - he was charged with aiding and abetting the occupiers of a "house of ill-fame"; and George Henry Hulley b.1884 died by an accidental death.

I have also added 30 more persons to the early part of this FT by researching Hulley entries for St Peter's cathedral in Sheffield in the IGI. These will need confirmation by checking the original parish register entries. The six children of Thomas Hulley are George bap. 1765, Edward bap. 1775, Joseph bap. 1777, Hannah bap. 1780, John bap. 1783. and Elizabeth bap. 1787.

April 2009

Further searches of FreeBMD marriages have uncovered spouses of the following: Charles Robert Hulley born 1849; Leonard Hulley born 1877; Anne Sharpe Hulley born 1880; and Albert Leonard Hulley born 1889. In all cases the index shows two possible candidates, so both have been shown pending further research or a sight of the marriage certificate. If you can help, please contact me.

February 2009

4 names have been added to this FT, all with the Bradley surname.

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