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SouthAfrica01 - Descendants of Richard Hulley who was born Ecclesfield,Yorkshire in 1785

Richard was one of the first English Settlers in South Africa, having sailed from Liverpool in 1820 on the Stentor with other members of the James Richardson party from Sheffield. He was accompanied by his wife Ann and children Richard Brangan 10, Ann 6, Sarah 5 and Francis Turner 1. Details of his ancestors are found in the family tree Yorks01 and his Notes in this Tree show many aspects of his life in South Africa.


November 2017

I am grateful to John Powell who has researched the family of Henry Brangan Hulley born 1858 and has found the information shown to be incorrect and misleading in a number of areas. I have corrected the entries for Henry, his wife and 10 children from 2 wives - Sarah Ann Rudd and Frances (Fanny) Marian Craig - and full details are shown in their Notes.

February 2016

These members of this FT are listed in the Freemason Membership Registers: Daniel Hulley 1862-1936; James Thomas Hulley 1848-1929; Richard Anthony Hulley 1850-1918; David Edward Hulley 1858-1907; Thomas Benjamin "Tambuya" Hulley 1860-1929; Samuel Isaac Hulley 1851- ; Oliver Raymond Hulley 1876-1947; Cecil Malcolm Hulley 1891-1983. Details of each entry are shown in their Notes.

February 2016

I have researched the on-line records of the National Archives of South Africa (NASA) for entries associated with members of this Family Tree and have added a total of 248 entries to their Notes.

The following persons have the most number of entries: Samuel Isaac Hulley b.1851 (27 entries); Joseph Francis Hulley b. 1849 (14); Benjamin Hulley b. 1826 (14); Henry Brangan Hulley b. 1858 (10); Joseph Hulley b. 1823 (9); Daniel Hulley b. 1862 (9).

These entries consist of a general description of the contents, not the full details. If these are required
then an application for copies has to be made to the appropriate NASA department. See their website at

August 2015

I have extracted all the Hulley entries from the Anglo-Boer War records 1899-1902 Transcriptions from Find My Past. There are 31 entries, 5 of which are duplicated. The following 17 persons have been identified and the entry has been added to their Notes.

Francis Richard Hulley; Francis Wickliffe Hulley; George Dugmore Hulley; George Edward Hulley; Harden Whittal Hulley; Herbert Clayton Hulley; John Edward Hulley; John Isaac Hulley; Joseph Edward Hulley; Lushington Samuel Hulley; Percy Rupert Hulley; Richard John Hulley; Samuel Isaac Hulley; Samuel Richard Hulley; Thomas Henry Hulley; William Brangan Hulley; William Thomas Hulley.

Clinton Boucher, who is related to Violet Elizabeth Boucher, has provided additional details of her birth, baptism and marriage to Harden Whittal Hulley.

March 2015

Congratulations to Craig and Gillian Hulley on the birth of their second son Matthew James in Western Australia,

Gordon Bold, a great-great grandson of Richard Brangan Hulley and his wife Jane Maria Harden, has submitted an account of some events that took place in 1837. There has been other versions of the same events passed to me, but Gordon's story is more detailed and has the ring of accuracy about it, coming from his family's recollections passed down through the ages. Full details are shown in the last paragraphs of Richard Brangan Hulley's Notes.

January 2014

Michelle Futter nee Hulley has provided details of her family and that of her brother Craig Ian Hulley.

December 2013

I have to advise that sadly, two persons shown on the family tree have passed away since the last update. Alan and Gavin Hulley sent a message in July that their father Frank Kennedy Hulley of New Zealand (ex South Africa) died on 1 Jul 2013. Frank was a keen family historian who researched and wrote up his family history in two volumes - a marvellous effort. He was a keen painter and his landscapes were a joy to behold. I had been in regular contact at with Frank and sent my condolences to his sons when I was advised of his passing.

Today Gillian Mauchan informed me that Tony (Anthony Manuel Pascual) died on 12 Dec at Woking, Surrey, England. I have sent my condolences to her on the sad news.

March 2013

Congratulations to Christopher and Roberta Hulley on the birth of their daughter Chloe Madison on 29 October last.

I have now established the ancestry of Michael Hulley, the lawyer who represents the President of South Africa in legal matters. He is a descendant of Francis Richard Hulley b.1873 through his son Louis Benjamin Hulley and his grandson Archie Hulley. Details are shown in the Notes of each person.

January 2013

I am grateful to Gordon Bold who has pointed out an error in the name of his descendant on this Family Tree. The correct name is Whittal Hulley Boucher Bold, who was the eldest son of Jane Maria Harden Hulley and Emmanuel Joshua Bold. Gordon has also provided more information relating to some of the descendants of Richard Brangan Hulley b.1810 i.e. Reuben Hulley b.1836; Herbert Clayton Hulley b.1881; Jane Maria Harden Hulley b.1883; Martha Hulley b.1841; and Richard Brangan's sister Sarah b.1815. All details are shown in the Notes for each person.

April 2012

Gillian Mauchan has tracked down the parish register entries for the 10 children of Thomas Henry Hulley and Sarah Pratley who were born between 1886 and 1906 at Kimberley. The birth and baptism details have been added to the Notes of each child.

February 2012

Frank Hulley has advised me of the death of his sister Elma Joyce du Barry nee Hulley. She passed away in Blandford Forum, Dorset, England.

January 2012

John Powell has supplied many details of the links between the Hulley family in this tree and those of the Hancock family, also a 1820s settler family. These include the following:

Mary Hulley b 1824 and Joseph Ebenezer Hancock b 1816;

Elizabeth Rachel Hulley b 1856 and James Ebenezer Hancock b 1852;

Isaac Edgar Hulley b 1854 and Alice Sarah Hancock b 1855.

Further details of their descendants are included in their Notes.

He has also supplied information about Francis Richard Hulley b 1873 and Maria Magdelena Masema b 1873.

I am most grateful to John for his efforts!

November 2011

I would like to welcome the following researchers who have contacted me since the last update of the FT, either seeking or providing information about this tree.

Rob Dobrowsky - Ashton Hogan - Craig Hulley - Vera Johnson - Gillian Mauchan - Mick Mutton - Maggy Pearce - Rose Rigden - Simone Schweggz - Delia Spring - Rob Talbot.

January 2011

Welcome to Gary Benkenstein, descendant of Judith Hulley. Gary married Karen Leigh Harty in Port Elizabeth in April 2010.

December 2010

Heatherlee Claassen has sent details of Thora Aster Hulley and her 2 marriages.

September 2010

I received a message from Annemarie Healy-Kalishoek:-

"Hello I am a RAOGK (Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness) volunteer and currently working on a case for a Mr. Brangan in the USA, while searching for ancestors I came across a couple of people mentioned on your site, thought you might like it".

Details of Annemarie's researches into the Brangan family of County Cork, Ireland are shown in the Notes of Ann Brangan

August 2010

Welcome to Gillian Mauchan, a descendant of Laura Fanny Hulley b.1893, and to Heatherlee Claassen descendant Thora Aster Hulley, third daughter of William Luther Hulley.

January 2010

Carolyn Forsberg, a new researcher of Hulley families in South Africa, has sent more information about the descendants of Richard Hulley the 1820s settler including the children of Ann Hulley born 1814 in County Cork and who married James Frederick Flanegan in 1831. Other information from Carol covers the 2nd and 3rd generations of Richard Hulley and I have added it to the Notes of each person affected.

November 2009

Ursula Haupt, a descendant of Patience Hulley, has provided some information about Patience's spouse Ignatius Cromhout.

September 2009

Welcome to Janne Kirsten, a descendant of Henry Arthur Hulley born 1920. Janne has supplied information relating to his WW2 service and his descendants.

September 2008

Marlene received an invitation to the Zulu Traditional wedding of Chief Lucky Fodo and mentioned to me about the proposed Trust Fund which was being set up by members of the Hulley family in South Africa to assist in the development of the native village and the Hulley farm at Hopewell. If any member of the family wishes to find out more about this, please contact Marlene at

Loren Hulley Norton has advised that her brother Seth and his wife Chantal has had a baby boy - Georden Anthony. He has been added to the family tree.

Welcome to Anthony Charles Hulley of Gauteng, South Africa. Anthony is currently researching his direct ancestors and hopes to let me have the details for inclusion in the FT.

July 2008

John Powell (not Hancock as shown previously) has had a reply concerning the Cecil Frank Hulley mystery. Mary Pearson advises that the author of "Where Lions Once Roamed" was her great grand-father Cecil Malcolm Hulley. So it's back to the drawing board in the search for Cecil Frank Hulley who was born in April 1904 and was from Cape Town. Cecil's father was William Hulley. Does anyone out there know about this person?

I am surprised that no-one from SA has contacted me about the two South African soldiers who were prisoners of war in WW2. Their names are shown on the Military section of this website - go to 2nd WW Returning POWs to find the details..

June 2008

More updates to this family tree have been received from the following researchers since the last publication:-

Mary Pearson - Information about Thomas Benjamin born 1860;

Victor Hulley - Descendants of Isaac Victor Hulley born 1946;

John Powell - Many details about the Hancock and related Hulley families;

Sue Hulley - Descendants of Lumley Alexander Hulley born 1967;

Marlene Hulley - Descendants of Peta Louise Hulley born 1984.

The puzzle about the Cecil Frank Hulley born in Cape Town in 1904 may have been solved by John Powell. He recalls that he found the book title that he had been searching for: "Where Lions once Roamed" by Cecil HULLEY, Pioneer Head, Salisbury (Rhodesia) 1969.  It seems it's about Rhodesia and not the Eastern Transvaal as he thought.  He asks "Do you not think this might be the Cecil Frank HULLEY, born in Cape Town, you are looking for?" If you have any information please contact John at

January 2008

The Family gathering held on 22 and 23 September last was a resounding success with more than 100 Hulleys and their families attending the events. Grateful thanks from all those who enjoyed the two days are given to Marlene who worked tirelessly to make the event such a memorable one.

For Joan and I personally the highlights of the Gathering were the visit to the Hulley graveyard at Hopewell Farm and the wonderful welcome at his village from Chief Lucky Fodo and his people. They made the day for us in many ways and we will always remember their warm welcome and hospitality. We have many picture souvenirs of the day and our favourite depicting the presentation to Chief Fodo of the Lancashire County Coat of Arms is shown below.

Chief Fodo

Finally, I am seeking assistance to track down a person from South Africa. He was named Cecil Frank Hulley who was born in April 1904 and was from Cape Town.   Cecil's father was William Hulley. If you have any information about Cecil - no matter how small - please get in touch with me.

September 2007

The arrangements for the reunion on 22 and 23 September are now in place and we are hoping for a marvellous turnout. Marlene has worked wonders in organising the event and our grateful thanks are due to her. Joan and I are looking forward to visiting South Africa and meeting many unseen friends. We hope that those attending will find my talk both interesting and informative. I have also included a short ten minute section covering the One House in Cheshire, the seat of the Hulley family in that county which goes back to 1490.

More details about Richard Brangan Hulley b. 1810 have been received from Marlene and added to his entry.

Congratulations to Dr. Brian Hulley whose son Stephen Clifford and wife Karen has produced a grandson Austin Luke for him.

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